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posted by Site admin on July 23, 2012

Culture in israel: Cultural diversity in the Jewish state
It is impossible to summarize in a few words the rich Israeli culture that has developed in the last few decades. However, here we shall give you a short introduction.
Rooted many years prior to the foundation of the state of Israel, the culture combines the legacy of both secular and religious lives. A great deal of the diversity in Israel's culture is a direct result of its population’s diversity. The immigrants who contributed to the culture of Israel originated from various locations across the globe, mainly including Europe, Arab countries and North America. Israeli culture is also reflective of Jewish history in the diaspora, and especially the ideology of the Zionist movement starting towards the end of the 19th century.
With immigrants from five continents and more than 100 countries, the Israeli culture is both varied and dynamic. Its subcultures include Arabs, Russians, Ethiopians and the Orthodox, each with their very own cultural networks.  Simultaneously, Israel is a family-oriented culture with a great sense of community.
Hebrew language
The Hebrew language plays a major role in the local culture. It is strongly connected to the historical narrative of the Jewish nation and its return to its homeland. When Israel was established the understanding of Hebrew eventually became a national objective. Hebrew language instruction was of supreme significance as its immigrants were arriving. Eliezer Ben-Yehuda founded the Hebrew Language Committee and devised thousands of words and conceptions founded on Biblical, Talmudic and additional sources, in an effort to manage the demands of 20th century life.  
Tel aviv- the heart of modern Israeli culture
Tel Aviv is recognized as the hub of secular culture, although many principal cultural establishments are situated in Jerusalem. A group that can be found playing at venues all around the country as well as out of the country is the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Additionally, the Israel Broadcasting Authority has a symphony orchestra that performs in and outside of Israel.
Practically every city boasts its very own orchestras. Dance companies in Israel, such as the Batsheva and Bat Dor, are greatly admired. Another significant aspect of Israeli culture is the theater. The national theater, Habima, was established in the early 1900s. Other popular theater corporations include the Cameri Theater, Beit Lessin Theater and the Gesher Theater.
Israeli Art
The unique mix of cultural elements and the dynamics of the Israeli society are well reflected in the local art. Israeli artists are always “pushing the boundaries” if you will, with their forms of art. Moreover, through their great work, these talented artists of Israel have incited reflection of self and collective consideration, in addition to inspiring social change. This is all accomplished while beautifully conveying the exquisiteness of the persons and the land of Israel.
It is obvious that the culture of Israel is one that is quite diverse.

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