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Dead Sea Beaches

The popular Dead Sea beaches are favorites for visitors who wish to experience first-hand the miraculous properties of this unique region. The climate and natural resources are what make the beaches in the Dead Sea region so special. It is known that visitors can enjoy the sunshine more safely in this region due to the filtering out off harmful UV rays by three natural layers; an extra atmospheric layer, an evaporation layer and a thick ozone layer. The low humidity, dry air and high temperatures have been proven to ease the symptoms of asthma, cystic fibrosis and certain lung diseases. Coupled with the fact that the Dead Sea region has approximately 330 sunny days a year, you can't really go wrong when planning a beach day in the Dead Sea area!

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Kalia Beach is the place to go on the Dead Sea shore for a free mud bath- the ultimate spa experience courtesy of G-d! The experience is very simple- slather the entire body with the mineral-rich mud, let it dry, take lots of amusing pictures and then shower. The effects are rejuvenating and leave one feeling refreshed, exfoliated and moisturized.
For those who forgot their beach chair and towel worry not, the beach has chair and towel rentals as well as a gift shop and snack bar.
The Kalia Beach restaurant offers a fresh, tasty buffet for visitors.
Where: 3km north of Qumran off Route 90


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