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Dead Sea Restaurants

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The Hordus Center, located in the Ein Bokek neighborhood provides visitors with an all-inclusive beach experience. Along with the cosmetics department, jewelry department and beach services there is also a restaurant on site- the Hordus Restaurant. The restaurant overlooks the stunning Edom Mountains and serves rich, high-quality dishes with a smile.

Coffee, sandwiches, grilled fish and meat dishes and pastries are among the dishes offered, providing the perfect fare for the beach-goers.

The Ranch House restaurant is an American-style meat restaurant that is fashioned after the restaurants in the USA. The restaurant specializes in serving high-quality meats that is sold according to weight. The meats are imported from Nebraska and North Dakota and are simply on a higher level than Israeli meats. Together with the meats diners receive salads and interesting side dishes, as well as a rich wine list.

The restaurant is kosher and is simply Gan Eden for meat-lovers!

Where: Isrotel Hotel, Dead Sea

Café Café is the largest coffee chain in Israel and each branch uniquely reflects the nature of the neighborhood it is situated in. There is a branch of the café at the Almog Junction on the way to the Dead Sea and it is the perfect place to take a pit stop and refuel those hungry bodies before travelling on.

On the menu one can find the full lineup of Israeli breakfast foods, huge salads, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, quiches and toasts and that's just for starters…it is also possible to order to take away.

Kosher L'Mehadrin

The world-famous McDonald's Fast Food chain has over 100 chains in Israel…including one in the Petra Shopping Center in Ein Bokek, which happens to be the lowest McDonald's on earth!

The food on offer is the same as what is on offer worldwide; burgers, French fries, kids' meals, salads and desserts. Since 2004, McDonald's has made a real effort in Israel to ensure that their meals are healthier, more balanced and more suited to Israeli taste.

If you're looking for that little bit of America right by the Dead Sea, look no further, pop in to McDonald's and get your fill on American fare!

Where: Petra Mall, Dead Sea

Kosher: No

The Crowne Plaza Dead Sea Hotel is home to a kosher bistro restaurant named Sato Bistro. The restaurant has made quite a name for itself with diners arriving from other hotels in order to eat there! The style of the restaurant is Asian-fusion and operates as an open kitchen with frontal sushi and noodle bars where diners can watch their dishes being prepared.

East meets west in the incredible dishes such as mushrooms in Asian sauce, Japanese gyoza, sushi, salmon served on a bed of creamed potato, mallard breast served with exotic steamed cabbage and beef fillet in a red wine and cilantro sauce. The desserts are sweet and sinful…


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