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Golan Heights Restaurants

The Golan heights has some fantastic restaurants for those visiting the area. Whether you are looking for a meaty, cowboy-ranch style meal, a taste of Druze culture and foods, gourmet meals served in private house restaurants, a meal in a brewery or even a meal in the highest restaurant in Israel, you can find it all in the Golan Heights.

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The Frying Pan restaurant is a Mediterranean-Israeli restaurant located in the Hamat Gader Springs Complex that offers a variety of meals and tastes. Fresh fish from the organic pools located close to Hamat Gader, a lovely selection of high-quality meats, fresh salads and soups are all on offer. There is also a children's menu available. One can book places in advance.
The Birkat Ram restaurant is situated at the foot of Majdel Shams and seems to hang, mid-air, over the small lake. The place has a magical feel to it; sometimes hard to make out due to the mist. The restaurant serves traditional Druze food such as sinie, green falafel, majadra, kube with sumac, roast lamb and makhlube. Koser: No
The Chateau Golan Winery is situated in the southern Golan heights and opened in 1999. The winery relies on grapes from its own vineyards which are situated above the point where the Yarmuk and Roked rivers meet. Chateau Golan combines European wine production traditions with modern knowledge and technology. Grapes are harvested early in the morning, transported immediately to the nearby winery, the grapes are fermented in stainless steel vats and on the whole commercial yeast cultures are not used. Wines are aged for between a year and a year and a half in varying sizes and shapes of oak barrels. Shortly after the wine leaves the barrels it is bottled and the wine is aged for an additional year in the bottle before being sold. Visits can be arranged with prior booking. Visitors can enjoy a guided tour which includes a description of the location and wine-making process, a visit to the wine cellar and wine tasting. Visits for up to ten people are free, visits for larger groups pay according to the cost of the wine chosen for tasting.

Among the vineyards and Pastures of the Golan, situated the Gilaboun farm restaurant. A kosher meat restaurant with nostalgic aromas and flavors. Gilaboun farm is located in an old western style structure, surrounded by a beautiful garden. Inside you can find wooden cowboy tables, a wood fireplace and some good blues music in the background.The atmosphere is something special.

The Golan Brewhouse is a Bar-restaurant located inside a Beer brewery. The restaurant offers a wide selection of fresh quality meat from the Golan heights, with the aroma of the "home made" beer. Golan Brewhouse has a young and fun atmosphere, one can also learn how beer is made and taste the 4 kinds of the beer during the tasting tour.
In the heart of the picturesque artists village Aniam, lies the Suzana Bistro Bar. This magical place was built and designed by the artists of the village, and often exhibits their art works. The restaurant is Kosher and offers South american stryl dishes

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