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Golan Heights Restaurants

The Golan heights has some fantastic restaurants for those visiting the area. Whether you are looking for a meaty, cowboy-ranch style meal, a taste of Druze culture and foods, gourmet meals served in private house restaurants, a meal in a brewery or even a meal in the highest restaurant in Israel, you can find it all in the Golan Heights.

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Moshbutz is a highly popular restaurant situated in Moshav Ramot in the Golan heights. Moshbutz is a country-style bar and restaurant with cozy atmosphere and fantastic dishes, accompanied by an extensive list of wines and spirits. The menu is influenced by cuisines from around the world and makes use of the finest raw ingredients which have been locally sourced from the Golan Heights region. The incredible views from the restaurant's windows complete the package, making for a magnificent, romantic dining experience. The name Moshbutz is a combination of the words moshav and kibbutz and reflects the ideal of working towards a moshav style of life while making do at the moment with a kibbutz way of life. the owners of the restaurant felt that this too is the way that restaurant developed with all the spirit of a pioneering period. The restaurant started modestly as a pub in the settlement of Ma'aleh Gamla and evolved into the unique restaurant that it is today. The restaurant serves meat, fish, seafood, rustic and grill dishes. Kosher: No
The Kosher restaurant, Prueta, is located in the heart of the colorful artist's village, Aniam, in the Golan heights. The café is situated in a small house with a huge balcony that overlooks a magnificent view of the mountains and in the evening a pleasant breeze sweeps across the balcony. Prueta is run by Dina, who turned her love of cooking and hosting into her profession, as she bakes and cooks delicious delicacies. For a rich, indulgent breakfast, one can order fresh Gebeta bread, olive focaccia accompanied by a tray of antipasti, homemade pastries, homemade jams and homemade pickled olives. In the afternoon and evening the piano melodies combined with the aromas of the sweet-potato soup and onion soup fill the air pleasantly. After the soup there are refreshing salads, Tilpia and Salmon fillets cooked with herbs and olive oil from the Golan, thin, crispy Pizza, rich pasta dishes and Mediterranean Shakshuka. For dessert there are cheese cakes, chocolate soufflé, apple pie and pecan pie. Dina has an assistant, a young and talented chef, and together they will give you a feeling of home, and what a home…

For those looking for a Wild West experience in the Golan heights, look no further than the Cowboys' restaurant in Kibbutz Merom Golan. The Kosher, newly renovated restaurant is housed in a building that is made entirely of wood and is fittingly near to a horse stable. Quality dishes prepared from fresh local meats that are aged on site are on offer. Recommended are the sirloin and entrecote that weigh at least three-hundred grams, the cowboys' kebab which is made of ground lamb and mint and the specialty- "X-mix" grill.

The Golan Brewhouse restaurant in Katzrin is a fantastic meat restaurant that offers a menu similar to that which is offered in beer breweries around the world. In this restaurant however, fresh, quality meat from the Golan heights is eaten alongside fresh beer. A choice of meat is on offer with the signature dishes being the aged, marbled entrecote, hot dogs served in sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, succulent burgers and stews. With a vibrant, young atmosphere and brew kettles filled with fresh, unpasteurized beer, the Brewhouse Restaurant provides the perfect culinary experience. In addition, one can learn how the beer you're drinking is made, see the beer-making process and taste four kinds of Bazelet Beer. In addition, events can be held in the restaurant for groups of up to 150 people.

The Jilabun Farm is nestled in the heart of the Golan nature between green pastures and vineyards. It is located about three kilometers north of the Jilabun Stream on Road 91 (about ten minutes from Had-Nes). The farm is a Kosher meat restaurant with a stunning garden for events and a special bar at nights. The farm was built by a father-son team out of ideology and love for the Golan and the land of Israel. The place combines art, nostalgia and tastes in the spirit of the Wild West and most importantly in a Golan Cowboy atmosphere that every visitor searches for when visiting this part of the country. The restaurant specializes in Golan meats- from the pasture to the table, and with an abundance of food served with love, alongside a wide variety of fresh salads, fresh, warm bread from the oven and a rich variety of drinks. Kosher: Yes

Private gourmet meals are served in the private house that contains the restaurant, "Shifra's Goods." In a private house, between oak trees in the Golan heights, between the Hermon and the Kinneret, the Chef Shifra prepares and serves private gourmet meals in an intimate, pastoral and pleasant atmosphere. The menu is original, special and not fixed. Every course is a surprise, every creation an experience and every taste a delight for the senses. The meals are suitable for private, business and social events for between two and twelve people. It is also possible to order meals for private events in customer's houses. In addition to the meals, Shifra also leads cooking workshops. The workshops are a fantastic way to spend leisure time especially in the cold, rainy winter days. The workshops enrich the participants' knowledge; provide new recipes and exposes different cooking methods. Every workshop is about four hours long and in each one Shifra's original recipes are presented and made by the participants. Kosher: No

The Witch's Cauldron & The Milkman restaurant is located at a stunning 1115 meters, above mountains, in a wooden hut with windows overseeing the magnificent view. The restaurant offers an experience of unique tastes in a magical atmosphere under the supervision of the hundreds of friendly house-witches who fly up above. The restaurant specializes in turning local produce into rich, satisfying dishes with all sorts of meat and poultry and cheeses featuring. Local wines provide the perfect accompaniment for the dishes and the mountain air, combined with the breath-taking view make for an unforgettable experience. Kosher: No

The Pelter Winery, located in Ein Zivan, is a boutique winery that was established in 2001 by Tal Pelter who studied wines and vineyard-growing in Australia. As well as the winery, there is a restaurant on site.

The Maor Winery is a family-run winery was located on Moshav Ramot in the Golan heights and was moved in recent years to Kibbutz Ein Gev. Established in 2003 by Danny and Tal Maor, the winery produces Cabarnet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Cabarnet Franc from grapes grown in the Upper Galilee. The wines are greatly praised by visitors, wine experts and restaurants. It is possible to visit the winery every day of the week, preferably weekends. One can only visit if one has pre-booked and it is advisable to book a few days in advance.

The Frying Pan restaurant is a Mediterranean-Israeli restaurant located in the Hamat Gader Springs Complex that offers a variety of meals and tastes. Fresh fish from the organic pools located close to Hamat Gader, a lovely selection of high-quality meats, fresh salads and soups are all on offer. There is also a children's menu available. One can book places in advance.
The Birkat Ram restaurant is situated at the foot of Majdel Shams and seems to hang, mid-air, over the small lake. The place has a magical feel to it; sometimes hard to make out due to the mist. The restaurant serves traditional Druze food such as sinie, green falafel, majadra, kube with sumac, roast lamb and makhlube. Koser: No
The Chateau Golan Winery is situated in the southern Golan heights and opened in 1999. The winery relies on grapes from its own vineyards which are situated above the point where the Yarmuk and Roked rivers meet. Chateau Golan combines European wine production traditions with modern knowledge and technology. Grapes are harvested early in the morning, transported immediately to the nearby winery, the grapes are fermented in stainless steel vats and on the whole commercial yeast cultures are not used. Wines are aged for between a year and a year and a half in varying sizes and shapes of oak barrels. Shortly after the wine leaves the barrels it is bottled and the wine is aged for an additional year in the bottle before being sold. Visits can be arranged with prior booking. Visitors can enjoy a guided tour which includes a description of the location and wine-making process, a visit to the wine cellar and wine tasting. Visits for up to ten people are free, visits for larger groups pay according to the cost of the wine chosen for tasting.

Among the vineyards and Pastures of the Golan, situated the Gilaboun farm restaurant. A kosher meat restaurant with nostalgic aromas and flavors. Gilaboun farm is located in an old western style structure, surrounded by a beautiful garden. Inside you can find wooden cowboy tables, a wood fireplace and some good blues music in the background.The atmosphere is something special.

The Golan Brewhouse is a Bar-restaurant located inside a Beer brewery. The restaurant offers a wide selection of fresh quality meat from the Golan heights, with the aroma of the "home made" beer. Golan Brewhouse has a young and fun atmosphere, one can also learn how beer is made and taste the 4 kinds of the beer during the tasting tour.
In the heart of the picturesque artists village Aniam, lies the Suzana Bistro Bar. This magical place was built and designed by the artists of the village, and often exhibits their art works. The restaurant is Kosher and offers South american stryl dishes

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