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Wadi Nisnas Wadi Nisnas is a colorful, artsy Arab neighborhood, rating : 0 No votes yet

Wadi Nisnas is an Arab neighborhood in Haifa made up of approximately 8,000 inhabitants. Nisnas is Arabic for "mongoose". From the Haifa Museum on Tzionut Avenue, one can descend to Wadi Nisnas.
The annual Holiday of Holidays festival is held in the winter during the Jewish Hanukkah festival, the Muslim Ramadan and the Christian Christmas. The neighborhood becomes an outdoor art gallery with tens of pieces of art by Arab and Jewish artists from all over the country. Each year the festival has a theme that the artists must adhere to when creating their pieces.
The colorful Wadi Nisnas neighborhood is decorated with the pieces of art of various local artists and is a must for any visitor interested in art, sculpture or cultural identity.


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