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Haifa Restaurants

Haifa may not have the largest variety of restaurants in Israel but there is certainly a choice of places, styles and flavors. Whether you are looking for the ultimate milky dinner in Yotvata Ba'Ir, a popular meat restaurant such as Maxim, dinner on the beach in Sand Beach restaurant, or even the oldest Romanian restaurant in Israel, Yonak, Haifa is waiting for you to come and explore her culinary establishments.

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Sand Beach is an Eastern-Western restaurant located on Dado Beach. The restaurant offers a range of eastern foods, fish and salads. The restaurant is known for its great service. One can hold events for up to 120 people.

Maxim is a popular meat restaurant in Haifa. The restaurant offers barbecue, grill and middle eastern dishes and has made an excellent name for itself due to its fabulous meats. Kosher: No

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