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Bahai Gardens The Bahai Gardens are stunningly symmetrical gardens; a UNESCO World Heritage Site. rating : 5 5 0 out of 5 / 7 votes

The Bahai Gardens in Haifa are stunningly impressive, extending over nineteen terraces and designed in nine concentric circles that extend out from the central shrine. It is here that the members of the Bahai faith established their world centre.
The Bahai faith originates in Iran and the founder of the religion, Baha'u'llah escaped persecution when he fled to Israel. He was so taken aback by the beauty of the Carmel region that Haifa is located in that he decided that the forerunner of the faith shall be buried there. twenty years later the bones of the forerunner of the Bahai religion were interred in Haifa on the site that later became the center for the Bahai faith.
The shrine has a golden, forty-meter-high dome, marble walls and granite pillars, was built in 1953 and is one of the major tourist sites in Haifa. The nine sides of the shrine represent the nine major religions of the world. The gardens were built around the shrine and combine stone, metal, fountains, shrubbery and expansive lawns. Visitors cannot help but be overcome by the beauty of the gardens and in July 2008 UNESCO added the Bahai Shrines and Gardens to the eleven World Heritage Sites in Israel.


address: 80 Hatzionut Avenue

phone: 04-831-3131

Open Hours: Inner Gardens 09:00-12:00 daily, Outer Gardens 09:00-17:00 daily

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goregeous, gorgeous,gorgeous!!! reviewed May 31, 2013

I think my title says it all- this place is stunning and fills one with tranquility and happiness...
Simply Stunning reviewed February 24, 2013

Absolute must for any visitor to Haifa. The Gardens are stunning in their beauty, harmony, colors and symmetry. The calmness that envelops one in the gardens is simply amazing
Highly recommended tour reviewed November 18, 2012

Make sure to book a tour in advance- those without a tour guid can only view the gardens from above and can't actually enter. The tour is free and the one given in English is at noon time. The tour was excellent- very informative, providing an overview of the Bahai faith and the history of the garden.

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