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The Rosh Hanikra Sea Center was established in the late sixties as a framework for the enrichment of the education of the Kibbutz youth. Since then it has gone through many changes and has worn many hats including being a school for yachting, competitive yachting, a sea center under the auspices of the ministry of education and the local yachting club. Tens of fighters and commanders in the marines are graduates of the Sea Center, as well as international-level yachters. Today it is possible to do kayaking and other sea-related activities at the Center. Where: The Sea Center is located about a kilometer south of the grottoes of Rosh Hanikra. For those arriving from the direction of Nahariya, continue north on highway 4 until you reach signs for Batzet Coast, turn left and immediately right and continue for about a kilometer and a half until you reach the parking lot of Batzet Beach. Keep going until you get to the northern edge of the parking lot and you enter the Sea Center through the blue gate


phone: 052-3798-610 By appointment only

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