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Coast Line Restaurants

Apart from the variety of food offered in restaurants on the northern coast line, the stunning scenery that can be enjoyed while dining in many of them is simply unbeatable. There are bakeries, grill bars, Bedouin fare, fish restaurants, Hummusias and dairy restaurants to enjoy so pick whatever takes your fancy and satisfy your taste-buds as you observe scenery that it simply a sight for sore eyes…

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Cochinella is a rustic high-quality restaurant situated in Moshav Betzet in the Western Galilee. Cochinella is a family-business and offers a variety of delicious dishes that are made with the finest ingredients that are fresh and home-grown; vegetables and herbs from the garden and lamb grown on the family's farm. The portions are rich and unique with touches of French and Italian cuisine. The service is personal and professional, the atmosphere rustic and warm, the culinary experience perfect. Kosher: No

Astusha is a restaurant located on the Liman settlement in the Western Galilee under shady mandarin trees and near a banana orchard. Astusha is a Galilean rustic restaurant that serves fish, seafood, meat, pasta and desserts in a homey, European atmosphere. Kosher: No

Matukiz (meaning "Sweeties") is a Kosher milky restaurant-café that provides wonderful hosting in a homey atmosphere. Matukiz is located in the Industrial Area of the settlement Shlomi in the Western Galilee and offers a rich variety of milky dishes that are all made on site and are served in a warm, pleasant atmosphere. Delicious sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, fresh Galilean salads, rustic breakfasts, stir-fries and pastas are all on offer. For dessert there are cakes, cookies, pastries and coffee. Matukiz can host events for up to sixty people, sing-along and karaoke nights. One can also order to take out and order cakes for birthdays and special occasions.

The Al Diwan Bedouin Guesthouse in the Galilee offers the perfect location for any event that you may be hosting; birthday, family party, wedding, bachelor\bachelorette party, group-building exercises, work trips, etc. The Al Diwa Guesthouse is a stunning Bedouin tent in the Galilee where visitors can sleep and hear Bedouin stories, while close by to the beautiful Tzalmon Stream. Visitors enjoy, Sleeping arrangements for up to sixty people in the tent, including breakfast outdoors. A chill-out zone with mattresses, pillows, tea, coffee, nargila and a good atmosphere. Pita-preparation. Special catering based on home recipes based on organic plants. Nature workshops, survival games, nature days, edible-plant and healing herb picking, food preparation. Lectures and stories on Bedouin life and culture including the subjects of ceremonies, symbols, customs, lifestyle, etc. Jeep trips of up to six people. There is a possibility to set up Bedouin tents for festivals and different events. Where: Salama, Western Galilee
"The Bis" restaurant is situated in the petrol station of Kaokav in a stunning mountain setting. The restaurant offers meat, seafood and grilled fish and is owned by chef Nizam who cares for and spoils the customers with an abundance of homemade salads, dips, soups in the winter and touches of French cuisine. For dessert one can choose from a variety of delicious sweet dishes. The restaurant has a lovely homey atmosphere, warm and generous service and every visitor can find his favorite dish. The Bis is an abundance of Eastern foods and a celebration of tastes and fragrances. For visitors to the nearby guesthouses- it is possible to eat a rich and tasty breakfast here until 11:00. It is possible to host events for up to ninety people. It is also possible to order take-away for the guesthouses in the area. Where: Petrol Station Kaokav
Ida's restaurant is situated in a stunning historic building that once belonged to the former mayor of Nahariya, Gershon Tatz. The high-quality, romantic restaurant overlooks the Ga'aton River and is named after the former mayor's wife, Ida Tatz. High class meats, fish and seafood are the specialties of the restaurant and the meticulous interior design of the restaurant results in the ultimate dining experience. Perfect for a romantic night out or festive meal with friends.
Mor V'Kinamon (Hebrew for "Myrrh & Cinnamon") is a Mehadrin Min HaMehadrin restaurant under the Kashrut of Yoreh Deah and under the supervision of Rav Shlomo Machpud. Mor V'Kinamon is located in an ancient Arab building that has been renovated in the Old City of Acre. The restaurant offers a rich meat and fish menu that is enhanced by the vast wine and alcohol list. The finest ingredients are used, doing justice to the fine meats, fresh salads and excellent side dishes. It is possible to host events in Mor V'Kinamon- in fact there is a special gallery just for hosting which provides an intimate atmosphere for work meetings, birthdays, Britot and more. There is also a catering service available.
Uri Buri Is a favorite fish restaurant in the Old City of Acre. The restaurant is situated in an antique Ottoman building that overlooks the sea. Fresh fish and seafood that has been caught on the same day that it is served is what is on offer and has been selected by the owner, Uri Yirmias in the Acre open market. The exceptional-tasting dishes in the restaurant are the results of Yirmias' globe-trotting over the years and the subsequent unique fusion of flavors from all over the globe. Where: Old City Street, Acre
Sa'id Hummus is home to what is possibly the most famous Hummus in Israel. Located in the Old City of Acre, Sa'id Hummus is considered a landmark thanks to the Hummus and in a city with over thirty Hummus places that is quite a statement! Sa'id closes once the owner finishes making it so make sure not to come later than 14:00 or you just might leave as hungry as you came… Where; Old City, Acre
Rumor has it that Shippudei HaGalil in Nahariya is the place for those who understand what good meat is. Quality meats together with the excellent authentic Arabic food come together to create a mouth-watering experience. Richly varied dips and salads that are unique to this restaurant are presented in order to enhance the appetite, along with warm Pitta bread. Then the meat is brought out and any extra word is unnecessary. For dessert there are dishes to sweeten the palate along with Arabic-style coffee. Where: Hamad Center, Nahariya
Diner Barosh is a bright and breezy spot perched on top of the Rosh Hanikra cliffs, with a stunning view of the sea below. All beers on tap are produced in the Golan heights and range from pale ale to a tangy red lager. Food includes starters such as a bagel with corned beef and a baked potato with garlic sauce and fired onions. Main courses include beef casserole, franks and sauerkraut, steaks and burgers. Where: Top of the Rosh Hanikra Cliff
Beit Maha is a stunning restaurant situated in the Old City of Acre. The building in which the restaurant is situated was once the house of family Maha for almost thirty years. The restaurant faces the sea and the walls of Acre and also contains a balcony and private room that looks out over the breath-taking view of the blue sea. Events can be held in this special restaurant. The combination of a café and richly varied kitchen in an ancient stone house, come together to create a very special atmosphere for visitors. Kosher: No
The Bella Mia Italian Grill restaurant in Ma'a lot is located in the pastoral, quiet Galilean surroundings, perfect for couples to enjoy and for children to play in. the high-quality food includes choice meats, Italian pasta dishes, fresh fish and delectable desserts. There are two seating areas- one inner area seats 48 and one outer area seats 100. The restaurant is especially suitable for couples and small groups and events for up to eighty people can be held in the restaurant. Kosher: No
The Morgenfeld Steak House is located at Achziv on the seashore, just past Moshav Liman. This restaurant knows exactly how to pick a fine side of beef, preparing it just so and serving it excellently. The food is phenomenal, the view of the sea spectacular and be sure to wash down tour meat with wine from their fantastic selection. Kosher: Yes
The Aluma restaurant on the Kfar Vradim-Tarshisha road specializes in Galilean cuisine with some touches of French cuisine. Meat is aged on site and among other dishes, one can order calamari with labaneh and okra with seafood. The restaurant can sit up to fifty and changes its menu every three months.

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