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The Ein Gedi Spa is situated on the Dead Sea shore and overlooks the stunning mountains of Jordan. The Spa is a natural wellness centre that combines the four special elements of the region; the water, the sun, the mud and the air. The spa is open every day apart from the ; eve and day of Yom Kippur and offers; pools of thermo-mineral sulphur water; a resting room; massages; the beach; a swimming pool; shopping opportunities; a snack bar; the Dead Sea and the sulphur springs.
A number of good reasons to visit the Ein Gedi Spa:
•    The Dead Sea is known to contain the highest concentrate of salt in the world and results in people simply "floating" in it's waters which is a remarkable sensation especially for those who can't swim!
•    The Sulphur springs are natural thermo-mineral springs that are situated beyond the mountains behind the spa complex and are divided into "mens", "womens" and mixed" pools, allowing maximum privacy.
•    The swimming pool is bright, beautiful and family-friendly.
•    The sun is this region is filtered with the ultra-violet rays being weak by the time they reach the lowest place on earth- the Dead Sea, allowing for warmth without the usual dangers of the sun.
•    The mud in the region is famous for it's therapeutic qualities and it is available freely at the spa. The mud cleanses, softens, exfoliates and relives joint pains.
The Ein Gedi Spa provides the ultimate spa experience and is the perfect place to go for fun, relaxation and good health!


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Narelle Storey
The Ein Gedi Spa is a great place to relax and enjoy all the health benefits of the Dead Sea. You have access both to the Sea and to their freshwater pool, sulphur pools and massage. reviewed November 3, 2017

This is not a 5 star resort but is a great 5 star Israeli experience. Everyone is having fun, smearing their bodies with mud and enjoying the sea. There is also a woman's "solarium", a private area where women can go nude sun bathing if desired. Inside is a great shop with reasonably priced Dead Sea products to take home, sulphur pools and massage and other body treatments. It is a refreshing oasis in a barren, desolate place. Allow at least half a day, maybe to revive after seeing Masada or walking at Ein Gedi waddi.

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