Holy Sites

One of the things that makes Jerusalem one of the most famous cities in the world is the fact that it is the focal point for three main Abrahamic religions; Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Jerusalem is always full of tourists from all over the world especially the religious and those interested in religion.

Since Jerusalem was built by King David around three-thousand years ago, it has played a central role in world history. Both Jewish Temples were built in the center of the city, Mohammed allegedly rose up to heaven here and Jesus died here. Jerusalem is a city that carries the weighty load of being the location of the meeting-place of these three religions.

Those looking for holy sites in Jerusalem relating to any three of the aforementioned religions will not be disappointed. Remnants from the Jewish Temples, Synagogues and the legendary Mount of Olives for the Jews, Churches, Convents and places that Jesus was meant to have walked upon for the Christians and Mosques for those of the Islamic faith. Each religious person can find their haven here in the golden city of Jerusalem, connect with their inner selves and rejuvenate their commitment to their religion.