As well as being the capital city of Israel, Jerusalem is the heart of the Jewish state. Jerusalem has one of the largest populations off all the cities in Israel and is the holy city for three main Abrahamic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Jerusalem was reunified in 1967 and it could be said that modern-day Jerusalem is made up of three distinctive sections- the Old City of Jerusalem which contains many of the holy places for all three religions, the western modern and urbanized centre and the eastern Arab-dominated district.
Jerusalem has the unique aspect of having a history that is as old as the world itself; indeed Jewish people believe that creation begun in the centre of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is viewed in Judaism as the eternal capital of the Jewish people, was the site of the two Temples and will be the site of the Third Temple at the end of times. At the same time, Jerusalem is a dynamic, energetic city that continues to move with the times. The old buildings in the city sit alongside the office towers and high-rise apartments, hinting to the magical fusion of old and new that Jerusalem is known for.
There are sites of religious significance, expansive shopping centers, historical and archaeological tours and family-friendly sites on offer in Jerusalem. The wide range of cultural and leisure activities means that each person can discover their own personal Jerusalem.