Tel aviv Beaches
Like any coastal cities, the true heart of Tel Aviv is where city meets sea and a visit to Tel Aviv without seeing the beach would be a crying shame. One can find much relief from the humid summer days in the cool water and the beaches present an opportunity to reconnect with nature after all the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv. There are stunning beaches along the coastline of Tel Aviv, each one with a unique feel to it and it’s worth knowing a little about the beach before going so as to know what kind of crowd it draws etc-here are just a few examples:
The Frishman Beach is a central beach and early in the morning you can find people working out along the coast. The beach is wide, there is a pedestrian boardwalk, some cafés and is considered a very hip beach with beach bars, DJs and ball games.
Jerusalem Beach was named in honor of Teddy Kolek who was Jerusalem’s long-time-mayor. Cafés and restaurants line the wide beach area and this beach is known for being particularly family-friendly and also attracts high schoolers. A good place to play ball games and Frisbee.
The Separate Beach-which is next to the Sheraton Beach- was created in response to the needs of religious men and women who wish to enjoy the beach but cannot do so in mixed company. There are days for women and days for men and Saturday is the only mixed day as religious people do not go to the beach on Saturday.