The Kinneret region has some wonderful Museums on offer for visitors. There are fascinating historical museums such as the Moshava Kinneret Museum that presents the history of the first Jewish settlement in the area and the scenic Old Gesher Museum with a railway track, ancient inn and British police fortress still intact, allowing visitors to get a taste of life in the early days of the State.
For those interested in ancient history, the Berko Archaeological Park in Tiberias, with remains from the city of Tiberias that was established in the first century CE, a lovely green area, archaeological finds, paths and gardens is a must-see.
The Beit Gabriel Museum serves as a meeting place and center for social life, arts and culture and is located on the shores of the Kinneret with breathtaking views for visitors.
For those interested in the more obscure Museums, the House of Anchors Museum is worth a visit; filled with anchors of all ages, some as many as thousands of years old, the Museum deals with the fishing life that has been associated with the Kinneret for centuries.