The Berko Archaeological Park

The Berko Archaeological Park in Tiberias contains the ancient remnants of the city of Tiberias from the time the city was established by Herod Antipas in the first century CE until the Fatimid Dynasty in the eleventh century CE. The park is extremely impressive and presents in a fabulous manner the past of the city of Tiberias.


The park also contains a green corner with paths, gardens and archaeological finds, including an ancient Roman gate, a theater which had seating capacity of seven-thousand people and a drainage system that is a thousand years old.

This wonderful park is the heart of the complex. Covering an area of about 120 dunams, the site contains the ancient remains of the city of Tiberias, from its founding by Herod in the 1st century to the 11th century, the days of Muslim rule.

In the park, a green space that includes a system of paths, gardens and archaeological findings, including:

  • the ancient roman gate
  • the drainage system from the 10th century
  • an ancient Roman theater with about 7,000 seats on the side of Mount Berniki, which dominates the entire complex of the Jewish Roman city and overlooks the Sea of Galilee and Hermon
  • the structure of the Sanhedrin house
  • remains of walls, streets, an eclectic collection of finds from the site (columns, column bases, titles) and more.

The park also hosts various music and theater public events. The Berko Archaeological Museum provides a fascinating glimpse into Tiberias of the first century.

Route: easy for the whole family
Parking: Yes (for a small fee)
Picnic tables: Yes
Purchase of food and drinks: no



address: Eliezer Kaplan Street, Tiberias


The park is open Sunday -Thursday, 16:00-20:00;

Saturday from 11:00-20:00.

During these hours there is access only a small portion of the excavations.

There is an entrance fee.

Most of the park is wheelchair accessible.

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