Art Galleries

Tel aviv Art Galleries
Tel Aviv is home to some magnificent art galleries of all types and sizes. Just to give you an idea of what’s on offer…
The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is, without a doubt, the largest and most diverse art gallery in the city and is located in the cultural centre of the city on King Saul Avenue. There is a large permanent collection but most collections are temporary and feature both Israeli and international art exhibits.
The Eretz Israel Museum is a large, multi-disciplinary museum that is home to a collection of Israeli ceramics, glass art and photography. The museum is situated near to the Tel Aviv University Campus.
The Gutman Museum is an example of a smaller art gallery; named after Nahum Gutman, an artist from the beginning of Tel Aviv, is located in the Neve tzedek neighborhood and exhibits his paintings, illustrations and writings, allowing the public to catch a glimpse of this multi-dimensional character.
The Rubin Museum is another art gallery based around the art work of an individual artist- this time Reuven Rubin, a popular Israeli artist who was famous for his Israeli countryside scenes. The museum is situated in his house in the heart of old Tel Aviv.
The Rosenthalis House is worth a visit if you’re passing through Old jaffa Port. Moshe Rosenthalis was definitely not mainstream and his vibrant pieces are displayed in an old Arab-style house overlooking Jaffa port.
Gordon Street is worth a visit as it is the location of many small art galleries, making the search for art galleries much more focused.
Another focused art gallery area is the Old Jaffa Artists’ Colony which displays contemporary art and gives visitors the opportunity to meet with the artists themselves.