Galilee Lake

The Galilee Lake is commonly known as the Kineret. The Kineret is an important national symbol due to it being the largest fresh water reservoir in Israel and the country’s largest and most important source of drinking water. Every winter the Israeli people are concerned with how much rain has fallen and how much the Kineret has risen as a dry region with scarce rainfall. The Kineret is, as well as being the baby of the nation, is also a first class tourist centre.

The Kineret is surrounded by many beaches- some narrow, some wide, some soft and some rocky. Something that they all have in common are the attractions and fun factor that they offer tourists. One can sleep on most of the beaches in the designated camping areas and for the less-outdoor-inclined type, there are a wide range of hotels, guest houses and hostels available. Water sports and activities such as inflatable rubber boats, canoes and water-skiing are offered and children can enjoy the terrific slides at the water parks. restaurants, shops and grocery stores are found along the way too.

The beaches are also excellent starting-points for nature tours of the stunning area- some of the best in the area are the Jordan Park, the Beit Tsida Nature Reserve, Khamat Gader and Naharayim.

There are many Christian holy sites in the Kineret region- according to Christianity Jesus performed miracles in the region and on the Kineret itself and the area is therefore a favourite with Christian visitors too.