Top attractions in Israel

In a country filled with fascinating attractions, it is difficult to come up with the top ten attractions that a visitor to Israel simply must not miss. However, here is a list of the places that simply should be seen, done and experienced when passing through…

1. Tour the Old City of Jerusalem
Home to sites of key religious significance, the Old City of Jerusalem can easily be enjoyed for a full day at least. The Wailing Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Dome of the Rock simply must not be missed. Place a note in the cracks of the Wailing Wall, browse the stalls in the market in the Old City and visit these deeply meaningful sites. Read more >


2. Float in the Dead Sea
One simply must visit the Dead Sea- the lowest point on earth and probably one of the most popular Israel Attractions- after all, it’s not every day you get to float in the sea with absolutely no effort on your part! Smother on that mineral-rich Dead Sea mud renowned for its magical properties, get out your newspaper and float the day away in the warm sea. Read more >

3. Haggles in the  Carmel Market in Tel Aviv
Get ready to put your bargaining skills to use in the Carmel Market in Tel aviv. This Israel attraction will expose you to the vitality of Israeli society! Starting at Allenby, passing by the colorful clothing stalls and reaching the epicenter of the market with foods and spices that tantalize ones senses of taste, sight, hearing and smell. The vendors hawk their goods and taunt each other in good humor. A great way to spend a day out. Read more >

4. Snorkel in the Red Sea in Eilat
Don’t miss the chance to be witness to the stunning coral reef, beautiful fish and crystal-clear water off of Eilat. This Israel Attraction is actually an underwater attraction and will provide you with incredible memories. Eilat is known for its glorious, year-round sunny weather and is a great place to explore underwater. It is also worthwhile making time for the Underwater Observatory and the beaches for those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground. Read more >

5. Visit Yad VaShem in Jerusalem
A somber yet important place to visit, Yad VaShem is Israel’s memorial to the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. This Israel Attraction is not a simple one but undoubtedly a must. The museum is located on the western outskirts of Jerusalem and includes museums, monuments, exhibition hall, major archives, a library and resource centers. Make sure to set aside time for this place and be prepared for a moving, painful experience. Read more >

6. Stand on the edge of a crater in Mitzpe Ramon
Located an hour south of Beersheva, this amazing geological feature is 40km long and 2-10 km wide and was formed naturally by water and climate erosion. It is the largest crater in the world, sinking to 500m at its deepest point. There is an amazing view of the crater at the Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center. This Israel Attraction will simply take your breath away; you will feel quite dwarfed by the beautifully powerful natural phenomenon at this site. Read more >


7. Witness a sunset on a Tel Aviv Beach
A Tel Aviv beach is the perfect place to catch a sunset. Accompanied by a cool beer or refreshing glass of wine, kick off your shoes, and allow the sand to get in between your toes as the Mediterranean Sea makes gentle waves on the shore. There are also a number of beachside cafes that are perfect for winding down in as you watch the gorgeous sunset. This Israel Attraction is the perfect way to end a busy day exploring Israel.


8. Visit a mountain fortress at Masada
The fortress of Masada overlooks the Dead Sea. 1000 Jewish inhabitants committed suicide here rather than surrendering to their Roman enemies. A climb up the challenging Snake Path before sunrise is tough but rewarding when one watches the sun rise over the desert. This Israel Attraction provides a glimpse into Jewish history, into a story of tragic heroism. Read more >


9. Enjoy the Bahai Gardens in Haifa
The Bahai Gardens are one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. They are a memorial to the founders of the Bahai faith and are breathtaking in their symmetry and beauty. It is free to enter the gardens and one should make sure to dress modestly so as not to offend the Bahai devotees. This Israeli Attraction opens the visitor’s eyes to the sheer diversity of people, religions, cultures and traditions in Israel’s borders. Read more >

10. A night out in the “Little Apple” of Tel Aviv
The nightlife of Tel Aviv is legendary, with countless bars and clubs, museums, theaters, galleries, dance centers and concert halls promising a fantastic night out no matter what your cultural preference. Tel Aviv can keep you occupied until the early hours and during the summer months a visit to one of the beach-side cafes and bars is recommended.