Golan Heights

The Golan heights is Israel‘s north-most mountainous region and is one of the most beautiful and most travelled parts of the country. Scenic beauties, nature reserves, historical and archaeological treasures and sites and attractions for the whole family can be found here. The higher one climbs up the Golan Heights, the more magnificent the view becomes. Volcanic hills lie on the east of the region and basalt cliffs to the south and west.
There are countless sites for visitors to the Golan Heights to enjoy throughout the year including the ski resort located at the foot of Mount Hermon, ranches that offer the authentic cowboy experience, seasonal fruit-picking, the artist’s village in Ani’am, bird-watching in Gamla, the panoramic view from the summit of Mount Bental, the stunning canyons through which the Sa’ar, Zavitan and Meshusim streams pass and the deer reserve in Odem forest.