The Kinneret is an important national symbol due to it being Israel‘s largest and most important source and reservoir of drinking water. Each year thousands of tourists visit the Kinneret region and revel in the beauty and history of the site.
For both Christians and Jews, the Kinneret region is of utmost importance. There are a number of revered Jewish figures who were laid to rest in the region, such as Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes and Maimonides and their graves attract huge numbers of people who wish to pray at these auspicious places.  The Kinneret also has special significance in the Christian religion because it is believed that Jesus performed many miracles in the region. Therefore, Christian pilgrims also make their way to the area, visiting sites such as the Church of the Multiplication, Mount of Beatitudes and the baptism site, Yardenit.
The Kinneret region also played an important role in Jewish history, from Talmudic times until the early years of the State of Israel and sites such as Korazim, the Kinneret Courtyard, Ginosar and Ein Gev provide visitors with the perfect opportunity to understand and re-experience the rich history of the region.
Modern attractions such as the irresistible Galita Chocolate Farm, the exhilarating Start Point Sailing Club and the Abu Kayak Sailing experience also supply the visitors who are seeking a unique experience with just that.
The Kinneret is often automatically associated with sunny, sandy beaches and there is good reason for that but for those searching for the historical or outdoorsy or adrenalin-filled or gastronomical side of the Kinneret, look no further; the Kinneret region is just waiting to be explored.