Korazim is a town that is first mentioned in sources from the Second Temple Period due to the fine wheat they inhabitants of the town produced. The town flourished at the end of the Talmudic period.
A magnificent synagogue was built in Korazim at the end of the fourth century or at the beginning of the fifth century. The synagogue was made of basalt and was carved in geometric, floral and faunal patterns. Many visitors use the synagogue today for Bar Mitzva ceremonies and weddings.
Additionally, a carved basalt seat was found that was intended for the most respected members of the community.  Also an ancient ritual bath, two large dwellings and an olive pres s were reconstructed near the synagogue.
Conies can be spotted on the rocks as well as climbing the Christ-thorn jujube trees.
There is also a Bedouin Sheikh’s tomb at Korazim.



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