Capernaum National Park

Capernaum National Park contains the remains of a fishing village that dates back to the Second Temple. This site was the focus of Jesus’ Galilee ministry. The antiques on the site are under the aegis of the Franciscan Church. The national park around the antiquities site is under the aegis of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.
During excavations of a residential quarter from the time of the Second Temple remains were unearthed. The private dwellings of the time were usually made of basalt, the most common local rock and the construction was simple. The remains of the Synagogue that were discovered here were more opulent, made of limestone and adorned with floral, faunal and geometric patterns. Some of the patterns are clearly Jewish in their origin, such as the seven-branched candelabra that is featured. The Synagogue was in use during the Byzantine period and an earlier synagogue also stood here- built in the third or fourth century.
One of the rooms of a dwelling place at the site is covered with plaster fragments that bear inscriptions in Greek that attest to the existence of a Christian community. Today a modern Church stands over a Church that was built in the fifth century.
A dock near to the antiques site allows visitors to sail to Capernaum from Tiberias and Ein Gev. The dock was constructed to rise and fall with the water level as the level of the lake changes frequently. The park also contains natural and domesticated plants through which visitors can wander as they connect with the site.




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