The Tel aviv nightlife scene is famous worldwide and the wide range of entertainment venues cannot be matched anywhere in the country. In a country where citizens spend three years of their most beautiful years (18-21) defending their country in military service, it is no surprise that these youngsters are the life and spirit of many nightlife venues over the weekend. There are also countless places for those searching for a more mature ambiance without the energetic off-duty soldiers.
Thursdays through Saturdays are the big night out in Tel Aviv and it has been noted that vulgar drunkenness is actually extremely rare in this little country- it is not regarded as ‘hip’ to get overly drunk in Israel and the nightlife scene is therefore very vibrant, exuberant and lively but very rarely ugly.
Tel Aviv is known for it’s fast turnover of nightlife venues which try to keep up with the fast pace of this city that never sleeps. Some of the best bars and pubs on offer at the moment are; Whisky a Go Go, based on the American counterpart, Saloona with it’s breath-taking décor and style and Levontin 7, the music complex that offers a huge variety of alternative music in it’s flamboyant multi-level premises.