Restaurants in Israel

In recent years the Israeli dining experience has changed dramatically. Once regarded a country with not much to offer as far as dining experiences were concerned, today Israel boasts a thrilling restaurant community that embraces cooking styles from all over the world. Israeli restaurants take visitors on a tour of the world without ever leaving one’s seat! Morocco, Greece, Turkey and Spain are the most-featured Mediterranean influences. Then there are the bistros that can be found throughout the county with excellent French and Italian dishes. Russian and Eastern-European Israeli Restaurants serving time-honored classics are quite popular, as are the Thai noodle bars and tens of sushi restaurants. Indian, Ethiopian and Mongolian cuisine can all be enjoyed in Israel. Israel has restaurants of all cuisines and levels- from simple workers restaurants to extremely fancy ones. Israeli Restaurants are a fantastic way to explore the cultural diversity that Israel is famous for.

Tips for visitors;

  • Most Israeli Restaurants are moderately priced.
  • Table service is the norm except for the snack bars.
  • Most Israeli Restaurants, bars and cafes that cater for tourists have menus in both Hebrew and English.
  • The Hebrew word “Kosher” means conforming the Jewish religious laws. The laws include not eating dairy products together with meat products and avoiding pork and shellfish. Therefore any establishment that defines itself as Kosher will serve food according to these laws.
  • A 15% service charge is added to bills by law in Israeli Restaurants, cafés and hotel bills- there is no need to add a further tip


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