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During Israel‘s War of Independence, the first settlement to face an attack by a regular army, the Arab-Jordanian Legion, was Kibbutz Gesher and after Israel’s Declaration of Independence, the members of the Kibbutz found themselves faced with an Iraqi invasion. The Kibbutz was besieged, razed and became an outpost, manned by members who fought bravely and withstood the attacks.
Nowadays, Kibbutz Gesher stands slightly to the west of it’s original location and in the original location stands what is known as “Old Gesher,” (“Gesher” being Hebrew for “bridge”) a scenic corner with geopolitical and historical importance, with three bridges, a railway track, an ancient inn and a British police fortress. On the other side of the border is a restored power station, built by Pinchas Ruttenberg, referred to as “the old man from Naharayim,” in the Old Gesher Museum. Additionally, the Museum houses a preserved and rehabilitated historic dining room, an audio-visual program and a multimedia presentation that helps bring the past to life for visitors.



address: Kibbutz Gesher, Emek HaYarden

phone: 04-6752-685\04-6753-336

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  • Lovely people run the place. Found the place by accident. Wish we spent more time there
    We found the place by accident. That means lost. The people running the old kibbutz are really helpful and genuinely nice. Wish we had done the full tour, as we have only just read about the full history of the place. Highly recommend.


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