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Western Wall

 The Western Wall is the most significant site in the world today for Jewish people as the last remnant of the Temple. Jews worldwide pray towards Jerusalem and Jews in Jerusalem pray towards the Temple.

According to Jewish tradition, the Temple Mount of today is the place that creation spread out from and where the first man was created. The famous Biblical story of the Binding of Isaac also took place here and the first and second Temples were built around the Temple Mount area.

The Western Wall, as opposed to the three other remaining walls that also supported the Temple, is the closest one to the Holy of Holies- the holiest place in the Temple and the world. When the Second Temple was destroyed in 70 CE, all four support walls remained standing and the Western Wall was the closest Jewish people could get to the Holy of Holies and it subsequently became a place of prayer and longing.

Tens of millions of visitors visit the Western Wall every year- children reaching the milestone Bar/Bat Mitzva age; soldiers have swearing in ceremonies; tourists; locals; Jews; non-Jews; young; elderly and families. The Western Wall Plaza is open every day of the year, 24 hours a day and you are welcome and encouraged to experience this ancient relic, source of longing and inspiration and to place a note of request, thanks or praise in it’s cracks as is practiced by visitors.

How to get there: There is a lack of parking in the area so public transport is recommended- buses 1, 2 and 38 get to the Western Wall.

Useful Info: • On the Jewish Shabbat and festivals it is forbidden to smoke, take pictures or use a mobile phone- it is therefore respectful to restrain from using these devices in the Western Wall Plaza on such days. • Pets aren’t allowed in the Western Wall Plaza • Dress must be modest- meaning skirts to the knee, sleeves to the elbow and no low-cut tops.




address: Western Wall Plaza, Old City, Jerusalem

Open Hours: Western Wall Plaza : always open Western Wall Tunnels: 9:30am-5pm Sun-Fri; closed Jewish holidays.

Time spent : 2 hours

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2 thoughts on “Western Wall

  • not for the non-religious
    I went along with my Jewish boyfriend to the Western Wall and was frankly unmoved by the experienced. I think that as someone who has no connection to Judaism or religion in general, the experience was wasted on me.

  • Try non-peak hours
    My friends and I visited the Kotel a couple of times on our visit and discovered that a visit in the middle of the night cannot be compared to a regular visit. The Western Wall in the middle of the night is empty of tourists and there is something intensely powerful about the whole experience.


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