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Kings City in Eilat is a unique biblical theme park that covers 40,000 square feet, is made up of three levels and is built to resemble a king's palace. The park is made up of four sections; Journey to the Past takes visitors back to the time of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt via a four-dimensional display made up of huge panoramic screens; Cave of Illusions and Wisdom celebrates and honors the wisdom of King Solomon, including over seventy displays of optical illusions, labyrinths, self-tests and other interactive challenges; Bible Cave takes visitors on a fascinating journey deep into the ground through King Solomon's mines with famous Biblical scenes depicted on the walls and King Solomon's Waterfalls takes visitors on a fascinating boat ride that follows the life story of King Solomon, sailing through seven caves with each one marking a chapter in King Solomon's life- the experience is completed with a glide down the falls to the lake next to the castle.


address: Next to the Dan Hotel.

phone: 08-630-4430

Open Hours: Sun-Thu 9:00-22:00, Closed Fri afternoon until Sat evening.

Categories : Attractions

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