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Eilat Attractions

The sea-side resort of Eilat is famous for its incredible water-related activities. Swimming with dolphins, underwater observatories, cruises and extreme water sports are just a few of the exciting options that this sun-soaked city has to offer.
For those who prefer to feel the ground firmly beneath their feet, worry not; Eilat has a plethora of on-land activities to offer too. Camel riding, archaeological sites, museums, nature reserves, beaches, the IMAX cinema and famous Kings City theme park are some of the activities on offer.
For the ultimate holiday there is no question about it; Eilat is the place to enjoy a family holiday, romantic get-away and group bonding time, with activities for everyone no matter what their idea of a perfect holiday is.

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Timna Park is located about seventeen miles north of Eilat and offers a plethora of activities for families. Beautiful scenery, special antiquities and a rich history come together to create an unforgettable experience. Timna is the site of the world's first copper mine and ancient mining shafts can be seen throughout the park that date back to ancient imperial Egypt. Remnants of Egyptian mythology and fascinating historical facts keep visitors enthralled. A multimedia presentation brings the stories to life and explains copper mining and its development from ancient Egypt until present day.
Other attractions in the park include pedal boats on the lake, colored sand bottle crafts, making "King Solomon stamps" and of course enjoying the stunning arid-land vegetation that includes herds of wild ibex that observe the visitors from the cliff tops. Additionally, there is a restaurant on site, a souvenir shop and camping grounds.
The Evrona Nature Reserve is located in the Sothern Arava region, not far from the Arava border crossing. The nature reserve is rich in natural resources, beautiful views and history. Within the forty square kilometer nature reserve is another nature reserve called Doum Palms. The Doum Palms Reserve is a stunning group of Egyptian Doum Palms. The Egyptian Doum Palm is a rare tree in Israel- Israel is one of the most northern places that the tree grows in in the world. Apart from the small Doum Palms Reserve, the Evrona Nature Reserve is made up of a savannah landscape that includes acacia trees, deer herds, salt pools and magnificent views of the Edom Mountains in the east. How to get there: The Doum Palms Reserve can be reached tens of meters to the south-west of the Arava border crossing (named after Yitzchak Rabin). Road number 109 will get you there.

Hai-Bar Yotvata is a nature reserve in the southern Arava Valley, north of Eilat, which was established in order to foster the breeding of animals mentioned in the Bible and endangered desert species. The reserve is made up of three main sections- an open area that measures twelve square kilometers that is home to desert herbivores who live in conditions similar to the wild, a predator center in which large predators, reptiles and small desert animals are enclosed and a dark room where nocturnal animals can be viewed. How to get there: On the Dead Sea-Eilat road, the reserve is found between Kibbutzim Yotvata and Samar.
IMAX movie theaters are special theaters that are usually larger than a regular move theater; the movie is brought to life by enlarged images of much greater size and resolution. Eilat has its very own IMAX movie theater and for those looking for a relaxed day indoors, away from the hot Eilat sun, the IMAX provides the perfect opportunity.
The Black Canyon trail (also known as Amram's Pillars) starts off of highway 90 where there is a clearly marked turn about fifteen minutes north of Eilat. Drive for about fifteen minutes down the dirt road and you will get to a parking lot. The trail is not circular so make sure to use two cars and shuttle between the starting and ending point. Amram's Pillars are two natural rock formations at the end of the short canyon. The hike then ascends up to Mount Amir and there are some spectacular views to be enjoyed at the peak of the mountain. When descending there are two options- either a mostly flat route that goes along the Israel Trail or a more interesting trail through a canyon filled with ancient copper mines and digging shafts. At the end of either of the two routes one will see the Black Canyon- not to be missed at any price- it is filled with gray and black granite rock formations, white limestone chalk and narrow passageways that are great fun to climb and slide through. The Black Canyon trail is a fantastic trail that is suitable for all the family and can be enjoyed in all seasons
Ein Evrona is an ancient well that is located on the edge of the Evrona salt marsh. In times gone by the water would rise and overflow onto the surrounding countryside. Nowadays the well is dry due to a drop in the level of the ground water. Upon arrival to Ein Evrona one sees a series of round mounds with a depression in their midst. This method of an underground water system dates back to the ancient Muslim period, is called Fogaras and is based on a two-thousand-year-old Persian method that is used until today in Iran. How to get there: Turn east off the Arava Highway onto an unpaved road. Follow the signs to Be'er Evrona.

The "Princess" Yacht offers passengers a wonderful way to explore the stunning Red and Mediterranean Seas. With skilled, pleasant and highly-experienced crew members and sophisticated fittings, the yacht offers passengers the opportunity to escape reality and explore the wonders of the seas. During the winter there are daily and weekly trips from the Eilat Marina to Eilat, Aqaba Bay, Coral Island, Taba Heights and Noueba. During the summer there are weekly trips in the Mediterranean Sea to a variety of locations.

A mere ten minute ride from Eilat one can find the Camel Ranch in Nachal Shlomo, surrounded by the stunning desert landscape. A range of family activities are offered in the ranch and entrance is free. A range of circuits are on offer for families, groups and organizations. As well as the unique experience of camel riding in the desert, the ranch offers other special experiences such as group activities, fun days, Bedouin hospitality, pre-wedding parties and more.
Eilat Yachts is a family business that has been up and running for over two decades and is today the largest water tourism company in Eilat. Visitors are invited to join them for a special experience on the Red Sea. There are a variety of boats offered by the company such as a beautiful wooden yacht, neo-classical style boats and observatory boats. Boats depart every day from the Eilat Marina and travel in style to the Israel-Jordanian border, the Egyptian border and the coral islands. The cruises include rich meals, a well-stocked bar, aqua sports, tanning decks, background music and most importantly wonderful service by the captain and crew
Atlantis Water Sports and attractions offers a number of varied and exciting activities that will add adrenalin, fun and laughter to your vacation in Eilat. Through Atlantis Water Sports and Attractions you and your family can enjoy jeep tours, sports activities, cruises, sailing trips, camel rides, donkey rides and much, much more. Atlantis Water Sports and Attractions can also organize events, eliminating the headache that often comes with such organization.
In one of the hottest cities in Israel one can experience the chilliness of the North Pole; Ice Space in Eilat gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy ice in many shapes and forms- from amazing ice sculptures to drinks made of ice and slides covered in ice, this magical icy kingdom is a welcome, cold attraction in the scorching city of Eilat. Warm clothing is provided at the entrance; just remember to take it off before re-entering sunny Eilat!

Kings City in Eilat is a unique biblical theme park that covers 40,000 square feet, is made up of three levels and is built to resemble a king's palace. The park is made up of four sections; Journey to the Past takes visitors back to the time of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt via a four-dimensional display made up of huge panoramic screens; Cave of Illusions and Wisdom celebrates and honors the wisdom of King Solomon, including over seventy displays of optical illusions, labyrinths, self-tests and other interactive challenges; Bible Cave takes visitors on a fascinating journey deep into the ground through King Solomon's mines with famous Biblical scenes depicted on the walls and King Solomon's Waterfalls takes visitors on a fascinating boat ride that follows the life story of King Solomon, sailing through seven caves with each one marking a chapter in King Solomon's life- the experience is completed with a glide down the falls to the lake next to the castle.

The Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat offers visitors the opportunity to delight in the wondrous creatures that live in the depths of the Red Sea. The Underwater Observatory Marine Park is located six meters under the waterbed on a coral beach in the Red Sea. Colorful, varied fish and stunning corals make up one of the most beautiful reef sites in the world. Several aquariums, a shark tank, turtle and stingray pools and two underwater observatories ensure that this will be a visit that will not be forgotten.
The Hanania Beach Water Sports & Cruises offers a variety of exciting activities for groups and individuals. Whether extreme water sports (motorboats or jet skis for example) are your preference or peaceful cruises or sailing yachts off the coast of Eilat, there is something for everyone.

Israel-Yam Glass Bottom Boats offers visitors the opportunity to delight in a world usually reserved for deep-sea divers. Each boat is comprised of three levels- on the top level passengers can relax under the sun's rays, let loose on the dance floor and enjoy the bar that serves beverages, sandwiches and snacks. The lower level is where the boat's jewel is situated; the glass floor that offers an incredible view of the colorful underwater world. Passengers enjoy a two-hour route that includes the Coral Reef and the Japanese Gardens, along the Israeli-Jordanian border, as well a spectacular dolphin watch at the Eilat marina.

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