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Eilat Restaurants

As a holiday resort Eilat attracts a host of different cultures and the restaurants in Eilat reflect this splendidly. Italian, Japanese, French, Lebanese- all of these culinary styles can be found in Eilat along with many more...
There is a high concentration of restaurants along the chain of hotels by the sea-front and there are plenty of choices on offer including international fast-food chains. Many restaurants have romantic outdoor dining along the sea front, the perfect setting for a special meal.

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Eddie's Hideaway is Eilat's oldest restaurant. Established in 1979, it succeeds in entertaining and taking customers by surprise with a fantastic menu with strongly flavored dishes. Appetizers, Carpaccio, stuffed mushrooms and foie gras with date jam are just some of the dishes on offer. Entrees include fish, meat, seafood and pasta. There is a children's menu, the restaurant is handicap-accessible and has plenty of parking.
The Last Refuge restaurant in Eilat is a famous fish restaurant not only in Eilat but in Israel. A beautiful view of the Red Sea can be observed from the windows of the restaurant. The restaurant has been open for over twenty years and the quality of the seafood and fish that are served there is very high. Fish, mussels, grilled lobster, seafood platters and more can all be enjoyed there. There is disabled access and parking.
Maafe Neeman in Eilat lives up to the standards set by the national chain. The chain was founded in Jerusalem before the establishment of the state in 1944. Rabbi Baruch Neeman would sell baked goods from a carriage in the streets of Jerusalem. In no time the pastries became famous in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. Nowadays there are about fifty branches throughout Israel, with the Eilat branch located a two-minute walk from the Eilat airport. Rich dairy and kosher meals are offered.
Café Optimi (meaning the Optimistic Café) is a charming place close to the beach and promenade that offers a place to relax, be entertained and just enjoy oneself. Dairy meals are on offer with a variety of breakfasts, soups, quiches and salads. There is disabled access and plenty of parking.

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