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Eilat Restaurants

As a holiday resort Eilat attracts a host of different cultures and the restaurants in Eilat reflect this splendidly. Italian, Japanese, French, Lebanese- all of these culinary styles can be found in Eilat along with many more...
There is a high concentration of restaurants along the chain of hotels by the sea-front and there are plenty of choices on offer including international fast-food chains. Many restaurants have romantic outdoor dining along the sea front, the perfect setting for a special meal.

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Khan Jamalia in Ein Yahav offers a rich, varied menu with homey dishes and a splendid buffet that includes meats, vegetarian options, milky options, a huge variety of salads, soups, sauces, breads and more…Meals to go and picnics can be ordered in advance.
In the southern-most Kibbutz in the world, facing magical views of the Eilat bay and the Edom Mountains, the Chef Oshri Lankri will serve you authentic homey food in the Date Palm restaurant. On offer there are a wide variety of foods from different cultures, crockpot dishes, grilled meats and rich, colorful salads. On Friday nights, a variety of dishes straight from mother's kitchen are served, such as hreimeh (a spicy fish dish), stuffed chicken, couscous and many more besides. The Date Palm Restaurant invites you to enjoy a rich, varied menu in a pleasant, rustic atmosphere that does both the body and soul only good. The restaurant has the means to cater events of up to three-hundred people in an air- conditioned hall or well-kept garden. There is a fully-equipped auditorium available for customers to use for conferences, lectures and performances. It is possible to order catering for special events outside of the restaurant for between 50 and 500 people. The restaurant has a Kashrut Certificate from the Eilat Rabbinate. How to get there: The restaurant is located on Kibbutz Ayalot. For those coming from the north, on Road 90 there is a right-hand turn to Kibbutz Ayalot (3.4 kilometers south of the Industrial Area in Shacharot and 2-3 kilometers north of the city). For those coming from Eilat, travel northwards on road 90, turn left for Kibbutz Ayalot (about two kilometers north of the new industrial area).
Bar BaMidbar (Bar in the Desert) is a meaty restaurant with a Bedouin atmosphere on the Moshav of Hatzeva, in the heart of the Arava, facing the Edomite Hills. The restaurant offers a variety of grilled meats and fish as well as meals prepared in a cast-iron cooking pot (called Poike). Salads are made locally, watermelon is served for dessert along with fresh, hot tea. Close to the restaurant is a large Bedouin tent which contains games for children and it is possible to relax on the mattresses there. The place is suitable for lone travelers, groups and families and it is possible to rent out the place for private events.
101 Kilometers north of Eilat lies the Pundak HaKushie- a roadside tavern that was set up by a guy who settled right there and built a tavern that offers food, a reptile center, accommodation and other services. A stop at "HaKushie" is a must- it is almost impossible to find one Israel who has not stopped there on the way to Eilat. The place is always full and has a lovely atmosphere. After filling your belly in the restaurant, the hour drive left to Eilat will seem that bit easier…
Ever been to Brazil? Seen the colors, the beaches, the football, the dancing, the coffee, the food?! Well, if not, worry not because Brazil has come to Eilat! Casa Do Brasil provides the authentic Brazilian experience- the meat is prepared in true Brazilian style and the music will make you want to get up and dance! An abundance of meat, color and vitality, Casa Do Brasil is the place for meat-lovers! All the dishes are delectable, the staff is helpful and polite and the experience is simply perfect!
Boston Eilat is located on the promenade of the Royal Beach Hotel and is considered one of the best restaurants in Eilat, belonging to the group of elite restaurants in the city owned by Avi Karel. Tal Cohen, the chef at the restaurant, offers a rich and varied menu that is mostly made up of meats, fish and seafood and successfully combines tastes from French, Italian and American cuisine. The raw materials used to prepare the dishes are of the best quality and include Caesar salad, Boston burger, a cauldron of seafood, daily grilled fish and corvina served on a bed of risotto- the most famous dish of the restaurant. There is also a children's menu, a business menu and a rich wine and alcohol menu. The restaurant includes an inner sitting area and a large balcony that has a stunning view of the sea, altogether numbering 180 places. It is advisable to reserve places in advance.
The Passador Meat and Wine restaurant in Eilat invites customers to eat as kings. With flavors from all over the world, a huge variety of opening courses, an array of breads and meats of the finest quality customers can enjoy the perfect culinary experience. The most famous dish is definitely the Prime Rib which is aged for three weeks, cut on site and grilled, served with shallot onions, a fine red wine sauce and garlic konfi with mashed potatoes, baked potatoes and coriander pesto on the side. Other highlights include lamb stew, fish and pasta dishes. Business Lunch is served until 17:00 and a children's menu is also available.
Olla Eilat is a Spanish restaurant that serves authentic dishes that include both meals and tapas. The Spanish style affects the atmosphere and customers experience a true sensory experience. The menu includes tapas, vegetables, seafood and meat. Make sure to take a dessert too, they are excellent as well.
Pastory is an Italian restaurant with a unique Tuscan atmosphere. Fantastic, authentic Italian food is served including fish, seafood, meat and pasta. The pastas are prepared on site and are served with a variety of sauces. Recommended dishes are the trio of entrecote, beef filet and goose liver in red wine sauce, spaghetti de Mer which includes shrimp, calamari and mussels in olive oil and white wine seasoned with sweet chili and herbs.
Mika Happy sushi Eilat is a self-service Sushi restaurant that opened recently in 2010 between the Royal Beach and Dan Promenades. There is a wide range of high quality, delicious sushi on offer made from fish and vegetables, at reasonable prices. Menu options include inside-out, vegetarian, sashimi and nigiri sushi, salads, wok dishes and hot dishes that include soups, egg rolls and chicken wings. There is an air-conditioned indoor seating area that overlooks the beach as well as a bar.
The Denis Eilat Fish and Grill restaurant is a kosher restaurant, is considered one of the best restaurants in the city and one of the best kosher restaurants in the country. The menu is simple and easy to understand and a wide variety of options are offered. Options include crispy fried mixed fish, fish soup, Carpaccio and fillet of beef, entrecote, sushi, Dennis fillet, ravioli, beef fillet medallions and more. There is also a children's menu. The menu is rich, flavorful and reasonably-priced, the design of the restaurant modern and the staff members professional and polite ensuring a wonderful dining experience.

The Agadir Burger Bar restaurant is a part of the popular Agadir chain, a pioneer in the Burger Bar restaurants in Israel. Established in 1997 in Tel aviv, today it is one of the most familiar and beloved hamburger meat restaurants. Agadir Eilat has a rich menu with reasonable prices and hamburgers that some in three sizes- ranging from 160 to 330 grams. Toppings that can be added to the burgers include onion, eggplant, egg, goat cheese, mushrooms, parmesan cheese and bacon. Other options on the menu include mini burgers with different toppings, hot wings, fried calamari rings, steak sandwiches and more. Agadir has two seating levels with a bar as well as a terrace with a wonderful view of the
Giraffe Noodles Bar Eilat is an Asian restaurant with a variety of delicious, authentically Asian dishes. Dishes on the menu include rice and noodle dishes with chicken, beef and seafood as well as salads, soups, sushi, nigiri, maki, sashimi, fried egg noodles with chicken, chopped pork and shrimp in a spicy sauce, noodles with vegetables and beef and more. There are approximately 120 seats in the restaurant bar and terrace combined. During dinner one can watch the cooks prepare the food behind the bar or enjoy the stunning beach scenery from the terrace.
Pago Pago is a restaurant on the waterfront with lovely views of the Red Sea. The décor is clean and modern; the menu is varied including seafood, fresh fish, excellent chef-prepared dishes and fine steaks. The restaurant is handicap-accessible and has a children's menu.
Eddie's Hideaway is Eilat's oldest restaurant. Established in 1979, it succeeds in entertaining and taking customers by surprise with a fantastic menu with strongly flavored dishes. Appetizers, Carpaccio, stuffed mushrooms and foie gras with date jam are just some of the dishes on offer. Entrees include fish, meat, seafood and pasta. There is a children's menu, the restaurant is handicap-accessible and has plenty of parking.

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