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Galilee Lake Attractions

The Kinneret is an important national symbol due to it being Israel's largest and most important source and reservoir of drinking water. Each year thousands of tourists visit the Kinneret region and revel in the beauty and history of the site.
For both Christians and Jews, the Kinneret region is of utmost importance. There are a number of revered Jewish figures who were laid to rest in the region, such as Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes and Maimonides and their graves attract huge numbers of people who wish to pray at these auspicious places.  The Kinneret also has special significance in the Christian religion because it is believed that Jesus performed many miracles in the region. Therefore, Christian pilgrims also make their way to the area, visiting sites such as the Church of the Multiplication, Mount of Beatitudes and the baptism site, Yardenit.
The Kinneret region also played an important role in Jewish history, from Talmudic times until the early years of the State of Israel and sites such as Korazim, the Kinneret Courtyard, Ginosar and Ein Gev provide visitors with the perfect opportunity to understand and re-experience the rich history of the region.
Modern attractions such as the irresistible Galita Chocolate Farm, the exhilarating Start Point Sailing Club and the Abu Kayak Sailing experience also supply the visitors who are seeking a unique experience with just that.
The Kinneret is often automatically associated with sunny, sandy beaches and there is good reason for that but for those searching for the historical or outdoorsy or adrenalin-filled or gastronomical side of the Kinneret, look no further; the Kinneret region is just waiting to be explored.

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Maagan Eden is a stunning resort located on the shore of the Kinneret. It is located next to Kibbutz Maagan, with a breath-taking view of the Golan heights and the Galilee. The Maagan Eden Resort offers top-class accommodation on the luscious, rolling lawns by the lakeside beach and a swimming pool.
The Start Point Sailing and Windsurfing Club was established in 2008 near the resort and has become a unique attraction for guests to the resort. The club offers a variety of sports including windsurfing, sailing, volleyball, table tennis, soccer and  paddle-ball, to name just a few. The specialty of the club is nautical sports with windsurfing courses, catamaran sailing, single and double kayaks, paddle boats and hassake boats all on offer.
If you are passing through the area and/or fancy your hand at some thrilling water sports, make sure to pop in to the Start Point Sailing and Windsurfing Club.

"The Jordan Carriages" company offers a unique experience of exploring the southern Jordan River area on a horse-drawn carriage, singing the songs of the famous poetess Rachel, hearing local stories and walking to breath-taking lookout points over the Jordan Valley. Special rides are provided for children.
Visitors are treated to authentic traditional refreshments, including Pitta bread baked on an outdoor stove, served with soft goat's milk cheese, olive oil, hyssop and hot herbal tea.
The activities include:
•    Learning about horses and their care
•    Arts and crafts with natural materials
•    A short walk in water
•    A trip to Yavniel Creek
•    Baking Pitta bread in a traditional outdoor stove
•    An option walk along the Jordan River.

Visit the Noah's Ark site in Kvutzat Kinneret Kibbutz in the Jordan Valley for the ultimate tomcar (off-road utility vehicle) and biking experience. There are a range of trails available to explore in tomcars, with each outing led by a professional, qualified guide. The tomcars are all insured and the trails carefully tested. Those who want to drive a tomcar must have a license. The tomcars have been approved by the Technion and meet the strictest European and American standards.
There are also bicycles available for rent including child seats that can be attached to the bicycles. It is also possible to arrange specially-planned activities in the Jordan Valley and Golan heights area in advance. Picnics can also be included for twenty people and more, including vegetarian options.

The Yigal Allon Promenade in Tiberias is more commonly known as the Tiberias Promenade ("HaTayellet" in Hebrew. The Promenade offers a pleasant stroll by the water, allowing visitors to take in the beautiful view and to eat their fill at one of the many fish restaurants which fill it. Sunset and the evening are particularly special times to visit the Promenade, with a multi-colored sky tucking way the sun.
The Yigal Allon Promenade is located near to the Old City of Tiberias and the small Marina. in the tourist seasons there are stalls that line the Promenade, offering arts and crafts items, house decorations, henna tattoos, beads and other similarly inessential but unique souvenirs.
In recent years the Yigal Allon Promenade has been renovated and it is well worth visiting this site, finding a quiet spot and simply taking in the gentle breeze that blows over the Kinneret.
Along the promenade that is found south of Tiberias, one can't help but notice a large cemetery that climbs the slope across the street. Some of the tombstones in the cemetery are so old that the inscription upon them can no longer be read. Others are more recent as the cemetery is still in use. There is a tradition that the resurrection of the dead will begin here. The tradition is rooted in the Babylonian Talmud which notes that Tiberias is the lowest of all cities and will arise even before Jerusalem. Maimonides, in his writings, wrote that the resurrection in Tiberias will begin forty years before anywhere else. Herod Antipas founded Tiberias in the hope that it would be a showcase Roman city but built the city on top of graves, an act that is forbidden by Jewish law. As a result, no self-respecting Jew would live there. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was known as a rebel against the Roman leadership as well as the author of the mystical Zohar and he bathed in the hot springs in Tiberias and was subsequently cured of a skin ailment. He then conducted a ceremony to purify Tiberias and soon after Tiberias rose to prominence. Many famous, holy Jewish personalities are buried in the cemetery. Rabbi Isaiah ben Avraham HaLevi Horowitz- also known by the acronym "Shlah"- was a renowned leader, kabbalist and hlachic guide from the seventeenth century. Rabbi Nachman Horodenker was a student of the Baal Shem Tov and paternal grandfather of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev. Numerous other students of the Baal Shem Tov are also buried in the cemetery.
The Abu Kayak Company offers Kayak sailing for couples and families on the Jordan River. Abu Kayak is located on the northeastern shore of the Kinneret in a beautifully calm natural setting, and offers shady lawns, picnic tables, a snack bar, restrooms and a mini-aviary. The routes of both the kayaks and the boats are pleasant, lasting about an hour and making their way down the Jordan River through thick vegetation. Children from age four and up can take part in activities, making for a wonderful family day out. There is also a more challenging route for inner-tube rafting- participants must be at least twelve years of age. Groups must be booked in advance and can include other activities including meals.
On the shores of the Kinneret is the wonderful Tiberium attraction. The southern promenade houses a multi-sensational show that integrates a breath-taking fountain that spurts water up dozens of meters along with pyrotechnics, an elaborate sound system and fantastic lighting that changes in time with the music. All in all, a fantastic show, no matter which one of the four shows you catch- "My Sea of Galilee" describing the development of the Sea of Galilee, "The Artistic Presentation" that is a fabulous experience of sound, color and rhythm, "From the Past Grows the Future," that deals with the conservation of tradition by the younger generation and, "The Classical Show," that features classical music creations alongside international artistic creations. Entry: Free
The Luna Gal Water Park is located on the Golan Beach on the shores of the Kinneret. The water park is the perfect family day out, with adrenalin-filled water activities, huge slides, kamikaze water slides, board sliding from a terrifying height of twelve meters, pitch-black slides and many, many more. In addition, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a smaller, child-friendly pool can be found on site. Lodging is offered at the nearby camping site, gourmet meals are available at the beach-side restaurants and luscious lawns and shady spaces are abundant, just waiting to be played on. In addition to the water slides, pedal boats, tubing and a variety of water sports activities are available making a trip to the Luna Gal a really fantastic day out.

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