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Galilee Lake Beaches

The beaches surrounding the Kinneret are similar yet different; the width of the beaches varies according to the local geography, something that leads to different landscapes in every location. Some of the beaches have soft sand, others are rocky, some narrow, others wide. Either way, a day at the beach is delightful way to spend some quality time with friends and family. Many beaches also allow visitors to camp out and for the less-adventurous amongst us there are a number of guesthouses, hotels and hostels also available. Water sports are also often on offer on the beaches and there are also those with giant slides for children to enjoy. The calm and tranquility of the beaches in the Kinneret area makes for a great, relaxing vacation.

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Tamar Beach is located near to the community of Migdal. In the parking lot of the beach there are seven caravans, one of which is a suite with a Jacuzzi, intended for couples and families, two of which are large and intended to host families and four one-roomed caravans for a maximum of four people. It is also possible to sleep on the beach in tents. There is also a restaurant on site, bungalows, boats and water vehicles for rent.
The Kinnar Beach is located north-east of the Kinneret, next to the Kinnar Hotel. The beach is a separate beach, meaning that it is open to both men and women but they are separated at all times. Entrance to the beach is free, parking is not.
Berniki Beach stretches for over 2.5 kilometers to the west of the Kinneret, near Tiberias. The atmosphere at the beach is pleasant and quiet, with beautiful sycamore and palm trees. The beach is clean and organized despite it not being a declared beach and therefore not providing lifeguarding services. The beach includes an area for tents, toilets, showers, luscious lawns, a kiosk, picnic tables, a minimarket, areas for barbeques and night lighting. The beach is located at the southern exit of Tiberias on road 90.
Lebanon Beach is a tidy beach with grassy areas and is one of the best places to spot the little Lebanon fish that are commonly seen in the Kinneret in the winter; indeed the beach is named after these fish. The beach is a recognized beach and therefore provides lifeguarding services. It is permitted to set up tents on the shore as well as barbeques. The beach is located three kilometers north of Ein Gev.
Tzemach Beach is located at the south of the Kinneret and has become famous over the past years due to the numerous musical events that have taken place on it's shores. As well as beautiful shores, luscious lawns and shady areas there is also a child-friendly water park on site with slides, a toddler's pool and a large number of marine sport activities. There is a campsite where one can sleep in a tent or even just in a sleeping bag. There are electricity outlets, hot showers, a kiosk and barbeque areas. The beach is a recognized one and therefore offers lifeguard services.
The Haon Beach and Campground is located next to the Haon Holiday Village, south of Kibbutz Haon. Included in the site are parking spaces for visitors' vehicles, electric outlets, toilets, showers, a special ostrich farm and an official camping area. The beach is clean and contains pavilions and beach chairs. One can reach the beach from Road 92, about four kilometers north of Tzemach.
The Ein Gev is a well-kept, clean beach found near to the Ein Gev fish restaurant. The quiet, pleasant beach is enhanced by the attractions offered by the boardwalk, including sailing. Other facilities on offer are lifeguarding services, showers, restrooms, shaded areas, a gift shop, tables, chairs and barbecuing areas.
Gofra Beach is located about two kilometers north of Ein Gev, on the eastern shore of the Kinneret. The beach and campground complex includes organized sidewalks, is accessible for disabled people, a thermo-mineral spring, public toilets and showers, a small market and playground equipment. The site only operates in the spring and summer seasons. With advanced booking and an extra fee, one can stay the five-star beach which provides electric outlets, private refrigerators, picnic tables and controlled lighting. Gofra Beach is not a recognized beach and therefore does not provide lifeguard services.
Kursi Beach is located on the eastern side of the Kinneret. A beautiful, well-kept and relatively small beach, Kursi Beach has an intimate and warm feeling to it. There is also a corner of the beach that is perfect for hosting small groups. Kursi Beach is a recognized beach with lifeguard services; it is possible to camp out on the beach in tents and there are toilets and showers on site. It is also possible to hold events on the beach.
Dugit Beach is one of the three beaches that make up the Dugal Complex. A stone's throw from the Golan Beach, the Dugit Beach offers a unique rope-park with rappelling, climbing, rope activities, building rafts, commando boat sailing, rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking and ATVs on offer. There are also beautiful wooden cabins available to stay in on the beach.
Susita Beach is situated north of Ein Gev and covers half a kilometer of the eastern shore of the Kinneret. The beach is not a recognized one and therefore doesn't provide lifeguard services. Having said that, there is a beautiful park on site with lovely shady areas thanks to the many eucalyptus trees and there are picnic tables, a kiosk, toilets and showers, lawns, barbecue areas and places to set up tents.
Tzinbari Beach is named after a city that stood in the Roman period in the same location. The southern shore was named A-Ta'a Alah Kabir by local fishermen and the northern shore contains two pieces of a huge rock that once stood across the road and was known as "the stone of the demons." Residents of Moshava Kinneret relate that in the village's early days it was accepted practice not to go past the rock due to the poor security situation. A small area of the beach has been drained so as to make room for a parking area, restrooms and other amenities. Access to the beach is one and a half kilometers north of the Kinneret Junction. Tzinbari Beach is not a recognized beach and therefore does not provide lifeguard services.
Amnon Beach is located near to Kfar Nachum at the northern end of the Kinneret. There are wonderful facilities available for those interested in camping out as well as a tempting selection of activities in peak season such as water sports, fishing and children-friendly attractions. With a stunning view of the Ramat HaGolan peaks, natural beauty spots, and a flowing stream, Amnon Beach is a beautiful place to explore.
The Rotem-Shizaf Beach is found on the eastern side of the Kinneret, between Kibbutz Haon and Kibbutz Ein Gev and is the perfect beach for those wanting to eat a picnic in the heart of nature. The white sands, parasols and picnic tables make for a lovely beach and other amenities include toilets, showers, a kiosk and grocery store. One can also set up tents on the beach. The beach is not a recognized one and therefore does not offer lifeguard services.
The Hukuk Beach is situated on the western side of the Kinneret, three kilometers north of Kibbutz Ginosar, on road 90. Among the amenities offered in the two camping sites at the beach are toilets, showers, light, electricity, barbeque and shaded areas. One of the two camping sites allows tents. Entrance is paid according to vehicle. It should be noted that Hukuk Beach is not a declared beach and therefore does not offer lifeguarding services.


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