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Galilee Lake Restaurants

The Kinneret has some great options for those who like to explore new places through their stomachs. A variety of restaurants are available for hungry visitors; the famous Decks restaurant on the shore of the Kinneret, known for the succulent meats, delicious poultry and tasty fish; the Ein Gev Fish Restaurant for those wanting to enjoy freshly-caught Saint Peter's fish while overlooking the Kinneret; the Marinado Meat Restaurant with a fine selection of quality meats on offer that are carefully grilled, resulting in delicious dishes; Kze Hanachal Restaurant with it's Lebanese and Jordanian culinary influence and The House restaurant, one of the first Asian restaurants to open in Israel with rich and varied Chinese and Thailandi food.

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Cafe Rishonim is a Kosher dairy cafe in the heart of the pastoral Kibbutz Dgania in the Jordan Valley. The cafe is elegantly yet simply designed, surrounded by flowering gardens and loads of history. In the menu one can find a wide selection of breakfast meals, pastas, quiches, noodles, sandwiches and tasty desserts.
Japanika is a well known sushi chain restaurant in Israel. The restaurant specializes in Sushi and other Asian dishes in affordable prices.
Tchelet restaurant offers a wide selection of delicious appetizers, smoked meat and fish, pastas, stews, salads and more. Tchelet restaurant aims to offer quality food at fair prices.
Ugata- a dairy bakery in the heart of Kibbutz Kinneret. A sweet, magic place where you can have a lovely breakfast, a good cup of coffee or just buy some of the delicious pastries that made freshly every day.

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