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Galilee Lake Restaurants

The Kinneret has some great options for those who like to explore new places through their stomachs. A variety of restaurants are available for hungry visitors; the famous Decks restaurant on the shore of the Kinneret, known for the succulent meats, delicious poultry and tasty fish; the Ein Gev Fish Restaurant for those wanting to enjoy freshly-caught Saint Peter's fish while overlooking the Kinneret; the Marinado Meat Restaurant with a fine selection of quality meats on offer that are carefully grilled, resulting in delicious dishes; Kze Hanachal Restaurant with it's Lebanese and Jordanian culinary influence and The House restaurant, one of the first Asian restaurants to open in Israel with rich and varied Chinese and Thailandi food.

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A beautiful restaurant located on the shore of the Kinneret, Decks is renowned for its succulent meats, delicious poultry and tasty fish, all of which are barbecued over citrus, olive and hickory wood. With outdoor cooking fires, open-air bar and a long, moonlit, wooden deck, Decks' stunning views bring customers back time and time again. The staff are pleased to help and well-informed. Bountiful portions of grilled vegetables and grilled potatoes accompany the main courses and the first and last courses are also known as being simply perfect. Be sure to reserve in advance; Decks is extremely popular, especially with groups who are drawn to the party atmosphere of the place. Kosher: Yes

For those wanting to enjoy the freshly-caught Saint Peter's fish overlooking the Kinneret, look no further than the Kibbutz Ein Gev Fish restaurant. The fish served here is known all around the world and despite the large size of the restaurant, the place is usually filled to the brim. Midday the place is often full of tour groups so it's worth trying to avoid those hours. At other hours the place is rather enjoyable, with fish available in two sizes, French fries or oven-baked potatoes as a side dish and salad. Early evening is a great time to pop on by so that you can watch the sunset as you enjoy the fantastic fish dishes. Kosher: No
The Marinado Meat restaurant in Ein Gev is part of the Marinado site which also includes a butcher and delicatessen. The restaurant has a fine selection of quality meats on offer which has been produced as the Ein Gev Kibbutz. The meat is carefully grilled so as to produce a tasty, succulent meat of the highest quality. There are first courses, main courses and desserts available, Marinado also hosts private or business events for up to 80 people, as well as operating a catering service that delivers meat to wherever one desires. The restaurant is open seven days a week and it is worth booking a table in advance.

Kze Hanachal restaurant is a large, simply decorated restaurant that is situated on the shores of the Kinneret. Large groups of tourists are often seen here but it is not actually so well-known among tourists. The dishes on offer are authentic and interesting and have been inspired by Lebanese and Jordanian cuisine. Local produce is used in the rich, tempting menu.

"The House" restaurant in Tiberias was one of the first Asian restaurants that opened in Israel. The food served is Asian; Chinese and Thailandi and the portions are rich and varied. The restaurant is situated in an ancient basalt stone building that looks over the Kinneret and the Golan. "The House" also holds events for up to 150 people.
The Nahar HaYarden restaurant is situated at the meeting point between the Jordan River and the Kinneret, surrounded by a breath-taking view. The restaurant is spacious, is decorated in a romantic style, boasts a large deck and offers a number of special appetizers, excellent meat dishes, as well as fresh fruit from the Kinneret. Events up to 350 people can also be held here.
The Kinneret restaurant is situated on the Nof Ginosar Hotel grounds and offers a choice of Meditteranean food, gourmet and dairy.
T'chelet is a restaurant that serves meats, fishes, seafood and other dishes. The restaurant is located in Beit Gavriel which is on the shores of the Kinneret. Kosher: No

The Grazia restaurant in named after the Italian Jeweish donor from the Renascence who brought Tiberias back to life after a long period of struggles. The restaurant serves good authentic Italian food in a cozy unique atmosphere.

Torrance restaurant in a unique intimate spot on the front view of the sea of Galilee. It's located in an ancient building from the 19th century which used to be the Scottish Hospital. A meal in Torrance restaurant is a luxurious culinary experience with a European scent. Most of the meals are served in the Buffet but one can also enjoy the unique Chef menu.

Rothenberg is a small intimate restaurant, between the historical power plant in Naharaim and the magical view of Jordan. The varied menu incorporates dishes from the French cuisine as well as the Mediterranean cuisine, by the chef Izhar Saar. The kitchen uses fresh ingredients- fish, meat and vegetables- straight from the local farmers.
Little Tiberias is a Chef restaurant that combines the French and the Mediterranean cuisines. The family-owned restaurant is located inside an ancient Roman building in the heart of Tiberias and has a romantic, intimate atmosphere. Dudu Odiz, the chef, created a wide varied menu of meat, fish, pastas and soups.
Al Ha Nahar Bistro Bar lies in the shadows of the legendary eucalyptus grove, between Dgania and Kineret, on the shore of the sea of Galilee. The restaurant offers a varied menu of meat, fish, sea food and different Middle Eastern dishes. A wide selection of alcohol, good Israeli music and a magical romantic atmosphere.
In the heart of the Jordan valley, few minutes from the sea of Galilee, lies the Zel Tamar restaurant. It's surrounded by a beautiful garden and has a wine store inside, where you can find the best Israeli wines.
Cafe Rishonim is a Kosher dairy cafe in the heart of the pastoral Kibbutz Dgania in the Jordan Valley. The cafe is elegantly yet simply designed, surrounded by flowering gardens and loads of history. In the menu one can find a wide selection of breakfast meals, pastas, quiches, noodles, sandwiches and tasty desserts.

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