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Galilee Attractions

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At the foot of Mount Tabor, in the environmentally friendly Derech Ha'Etz Park a number of exciting activities await you. A challenging wooden maze, boat building and drumming activities are just a taste of what is on offer. There is a film that explains to visitors the lives of many forest plants and the numerous ways that trees can be used to benefit mankind. Games and activities that use wood are also on offer, including bowling and mini golf. There are many shaded relaxation areas in the park where you can stop and take a break and enjoy a picnic lunch. Wooden toys and camping equipment can be purchased at the small on-site store and on-site camping is also available. The park is extremely well looked after and also features a small artificial lake.

The Abu Haya family invites visitors to Beit Jann in the Upper Galilee. Beit Jann is located in the heart of the Mount Meron Nature Reserve at a stunning 3500' above sea level with incredible views. Beit Jann is the highest town in Israel, situated on top of Mount Tsafir. The Abu Haya family offers visitors guestrooms with incredible views of the surrounding countryside. Visitors get to experience authentic traditional Druze hospitality.

Merkaz Canada ("The Canada Center") in the beautiful town of Metula is one of the most popular attractions in northern Israel, with a large variety of activities for the whole family. The ice rink in Merkaz Canada is probably what it is most famous for and it really is something to be proud of with Olympic-size proportions, making it the largest ice rink in Israel. There are skating classes available with certified guides if desired.

Additionally, there is a large swimming pool that is heated in the winter with two adjacent Jacuzzis. The complex is surrounded by large windows that overlook the stunning view of the Upper Galilee
And there is more besides; a bowling alley with ten lanes, professional snooker and table-tennis tables, a shooting gallery with a wide range of weapons, a complex for young children with a Gymboree, ball pool, games and more. There is also a pampering spa on site with a Jacuzzi, wet and dry saunas and a variety of treatments.
In short, Merkaz Canada is the perfect family experience. Tickets to Merkaz Canada include skating, swimming and the Jacuzzis.

The Circassian Museum in Kfar Kama, like its equivalent in Rehaniya provides visitors an interesting glimpse into the life of this intriguing group. Circassians originate in the Caucasus Mountains and today are settled around the world. They are known for their hospitality, warmth and integrity. They also have fascinating customs, a unique language, special cuisine and colorful traditional clothing.

The museum is located in a nineteenth century stone building in the old neighborhood of Kfar Kama. Inside the house one can find exhibitions of everyday tools, old weapons, colorful traditional clothing, ornaments and artwork. The guided tour is recommended as it allows for a deeper understanding of this wonderful people.
Various activities are on offer for visitors such as a tour of the village, Circassian hospitality, Circassian dancing performances and Circassian evenings which include folklore shows, local delicacies and more.

Dagei Dafna (meaning "Dafna's Fish") is located near Kibbutz Dafna and offers, among other things, an overnight campground for visitors. The complex is also home to a famous fish restaurant and a water park where one can fish trout and carp and then eat them using the barbecue facilities offered on site. The lovely campgrounds are shady and green and include a brook, an extension of the nearby Dan stream. This is also a wonderful place to start an abundance of trails in the Galilee Panhandle area.

The Dagei Dafna campgrounds offer bathrooms, showers, electricity, BBQ areas, children's playgrounds, refrigerators, a toddler's pool, picnic tables, a snack bar and vehicle accessibility. No music is allowed on site- a wonderful advantage that ensures a peaceful stay. The campsite is open throughout the year and there is an entrance fee.

Shulman Sweets on Kibbutz HaGoshrim is the stuff sweet dreams are made of. The company is renowned for their high-quality chocolate products and for their indulgent chocolate workshops. All of their products are hand-made and made from the highest quality natural ingredients. Among their products are pralines, hot chocolate, chocolate cakes, and so much more. All the pralines are kosher. There is also a small café on site. If you are in the Galilee it is well worth visiting their visitor's center and to enjoy a chocolate-filled adventure!

The chocolate workshops need to be signed up to in advance.
On the slopes of Mount Gilboa is the Gilboa Spice Farm. Housed in an alpine-style wood structure, with herbs blooming along the paths leading to the restaurant and with large windows looking over the incredible view of the Jezreel Valley, the Gilboa Spice Farm is full of the scents of nature, herbs and cooking. The Gilboa Spice Farm is a restaurant with a Mediterranean menu that is influenced by French and Italian cuisine with both meat and vegetarian options. Fresh herbs are picked every morning and are incorporated in to the dishes. The dishes are seasonal, using the best of the natural ingredients grown on the farm. The Gilboa Spice Farm also offers wine that has been produced from the grapes cultivated on the farm. The Gilboa Spice Farm can seat up to 100 with the option of seating another 80 outside on the terrace. Adjacent to the restaurant are terraces that can be used for events of up to 350 people. Breakfasts for groups can also be ordered in advance. Where: Derekh Nof HaGilboa, Road 667
"The Milky Way" in Moshav Hillel allows the family to learn about and enjoy the milking experience in the communal cow-shed. Included in the experience is petting, learning how to milk, suckling calves, watching a film on the process and more. You can receive answers to questions such as why the cows get pedicures and why cows can't bite. Curious? Come and learn all about it at The Milky Way on Moshav Hillel…
Situated on the Ramim Mountain Range, overlooking the Hula Valley, the Golan heights and Mount Hermon is Moshav Ramot Naftali which offers a wide range of attractions in nature. Suited to families, the young and the young at heart who are looking for adventure. Explore the surroundings on ATVs, buggies or ranger tracks. The routes can be enjoyed at night or day and there are routes of different difficulty levels. There is a professional guide who accompanies each ATV route, offering explanations and pampering participants with herbal tea in the winter and watermelon in the summer. The length of the route is up to you- it can be anywhere between two hours and two days long! There are also jeep tours which provides a more relaxed exploration of the area. The jeeps are driven by staff members and accompanied by guides who offer explanations and once again, herbal tea in the winter and watermelon in the summer. There are also ATVs for children and a special fifteen minute trail for them with driving one under the supervision of a member of staff. Where: Moshav Ramot Naftali
The trout farm in Kibbutz Dan offers guided tours for visitors. The trout farm is responsible for 85% of trout production in Israel- about 500 tons of trout. As well as the tour, visitors can visit the Galilean Nature Center in Kibbutz Dan for no extra fee. The Center features a fascinating nature film, an exhibition and presents information about the biblical period of the area. At the end of the trout tour one can buy trout (in an ice container that preserves them for 24 hours). The tours are for at least 35 people and last two hours.
On Kibbutz HaGoshrim there is a lovely petting farm with animals ranging from monkeys and foxes to lambs, rabbits, winged species and many more. Green lawns, shady seating areas, a natural river that flows in the compound and a snack bar contribute to the charming site. It is possible to feed some of the animals and there is also a petting area. Where: Kibbutz HaGoshrim, Upper Galilee
Bayit BaGalil is an adult-only Mediterranean, Chateau-style boutique hotel that sits alone in the biblical stronghold city of Hatzor, overlooking the sea of Galilee and the Golan heights. The hotel offers spa treatments with a variety of treatments- hot stone, Swedish and shiatsu massages. Treatments can be enjoyed in your suite or in the stunning outdoors. The facilities in the spa include a gym, sauna, spa lounge, steam room, couples treatment rooms and outdoor swimming pools. Pamper yourself and enjoy the spa experience in the beautiful Galilean surroundings…
The Kremer Farm is a farm that has been around for over one-hundred years. Emanuel Kremer, the father of the family, set up a small cow-shed in order to support his family. His three sons chose to continue in his way and with time the cowshed expanded and developed. Today, the cowshed is made up of two cowsheds, with the newer one using the robotic milking method. The cowshed keeps on growing and calves are born constantly. Visitors to the cowshed can take part in the work, feeding the calves, take part in a guided tour and a cheese workshop. There is also a petting corner and a display of agricultural tools. Where: Yave'el, south-west of Tiberias
Dag Bakfar ("Fish in the Village") is located in Yokneam HaMoshava. On offer are family attractions, fishing, fun days, kids' activities and tours of the biosphere park. One can buy food, fish and fishing equipment on site (one can also rent fishing equipment). There is night fishing on some days in the summer. How to get there: Dag Bakfar is on route 70- from the northern exit of route 6 or route 75 form the north or route 66 if you’re coming from the south.
In 1932 the Naharayim power plant was bult on the eastern side of the Jordan River and began functioning. At the beginning of Israel's Independence War in 1948 it was destroyed and stopped functioning. Kibbutz Gesher and the Israel Electric Company came together in order to demonstrate how the power plant once produced electricity; creating a special model in order to do so. The presentation has an authentic feel to it due to the light and sound effects employed in the show. Visitors walk through a system of dams and bridges, passing a water tower and turbine room while the sound of running water plays in the background and lights and colors flash out at them. The site also tells the story of the establishment of Jewish settlements in the area, including the heroic men and women who prevented an invasion over the Jordan River in 1948. Displays include an inn, bridge, border post, bus, train and armored vehicle. Special activities are offered- to be booked in advance. There is also a snack bar, visitor's center, group lunches by reservation and coffee shop available.

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