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Galilee Attractions

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Lavido Natural Cosmetics Visitor's Center and factory store are located in the heart of the fields of Nahalal, a moshav in northern Israel. The center offers workshops to learn how to create cosmetics and on how to use essential oils correctly. There is also a number of interesting activities that teach visitors about herbs and how they help and improve our day-to-day lives. There are also free tours of the botanical garden "Adam and Adama".
Kfar Yehezkel is a moshav in northern Israel in the Jezreel Valley. The moshav offers a wide range of exciting activities for visitors to the area including jeep rides, rappelling, hikes led by guides and team-building exercises. It is also possible to order meals to eat in nature when enjoying the activities on offer. It is also possible to arrange birthday parties, Bar\Bar Mitzvahs and bachelor\bachelorette parties.
La Kuritza is a gallery that displays the ceramic works created by Liat Ratig Tzur in Kfar Tavor. An assortment of ceramic pieces can be bought there including vessels, candles, quirky figurines, soap and presents. All of the products are hand-made.

Gan Guru is a one-of-a-kind Australian zoo in Israel located on Kibbutz Nir David in the Jezreel Valley. Animals that are found in Australia can be seen there, including kangaroos, koalas, emus and kakadus. Visitors can touch and feed the kangaroos and watch the koalas being fed. There are guided tours through the park that provide extra information about the animals living there. In addition, there is a natural maze, playground and souvenir shop on site. For visitors who wish to see the kangaroos being fed it is best to visit around noon time. He rest of the day they generally sleep. How to get there: Take route 90 south from Tzemach Junction towards Bet She'an. At the She'an Junction turn right on to route 71 towards Afula. Turn left on to route 669 at HaShita Junction. Continue on route 669 until you reach Kibbutz Nir David and then follow the signs to Gan Guru.
The Wall and Tower Museum on Kibbutz Nir David exposes visitors to an exact reproduction of a Jewish settlement from the beginning of the twentieth century- the first of the Tower and Stockade Settlements. The dramatic period is depicted in documents, photographs and first-hand accounts and the recreated buildings takes visitors back in time. It is highly recommended to climb the tower for a stunning view of the Emek HaMa'ayanot.
For those looking for relief from the intense summer sun look no further than Ganei Hoga. Ganei Hoga is a water park located on Kibbutz Hamadia in the Bet She'an Valley. Three natural pools of varying sizes and depths are filled with cool spring water and surrounded by shady lawns. There is a children's pool, action pool with an Omega dropping straight into the water and a large pool. There are lifeguards supervising the bathing in the pools. There are also pool boats for children available for hire and inflated play equipment on the lawns on weekends and holidays. The lawns have picnic tables and barbecue areas for those wanting to regain energy and there is also a snack bar that serves drinks, ice-cream and light meals.
Scythopolis is the name that was given to the modern-day Israeli city of Bet She'an during the Roman and Byzantine periods. Those periods were when the city attained its finest hours and it is mainly this period that is Bet She'an's claim to fame and what put it on the map. Before the Hellenistic period, the city had declined in importance. The Hellenistic period saw a revival in the city but it wasn’t until the advent of the Roman's that the town rose to importance. Bet She'an was given the new name Scythopolis as part of the new administrative order and became a part of the Decapolis, Union of the Ten Cities, with the other nine towns being on the east side of the Jordan River. At that time the town became autonomous (as is indicated in the name "polis"), earning the rights to self-rule and coin minting. There was much public and private construction at the time, little of which can be seen today due to reconstruction in later periods. After an earthquake in 363 it was rebuilt and expanded. The city became an important location for a variety of peoples over the centuries, including Christians and Arabs. Modern excavations have begun to reveal the glory that was Scythopolis. Visitors to the area simply must make sure to visit the theater, great bath house, street of Palladious, the monumental building and the amphitheater. Scythopolis is a true gem and must not be missed!

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