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Galilee Restaurants

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The Vered HaGalil restaurant is located in the Vered HaGalil Horse Farm and makes visitors feel right at home with its roomy interior, wicker chairs, wooden ceiling and wooden tables covered with white tablecloths. The lighting is also lovely and warm in the restaurant. The menu in the restaurant is kosher, rustic and American-style and combines delicious meat dishes with fresh produce from the Galilee and Golan regions. The restaurant is pleasantly cool in the hot summer months and a fireplace keeps visitors warm in the winter. Diners can sit inside in the restaurant or outside on the covered balcony. The dishes are succulent and there is also a children's menu. Their desserts are also not-to-be-missed. Groups, team days and large meetings can be catered to at the Vered HaGalil Restaurant overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

HaTahana ("The Mill") restaurant in Metula is a rustic, meat restaurant. The meat is home-grown in the Golan heights and is smoked. Kosher: No
The Muscat restaurant is a Meat Restaurant located on the Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel-Spa-Organic Farm Complex in Rosh pina. The restaurant is on the second level and treats diners to an impressive view of the Golan heights. The restaurants dishes are built around the organic produce produced on the farm and offers a rich variety of flavors and creatively combines Galilean cuisine with the Chef Chaim Tibi's mother's kitchen. The dishes are presented in exciting and innovative manners. The décor adds to the sophisticated Galilean experience, with wrought iron windows and the excellent service makes the gourmet dinner simply perfect. Where: Mitzpe Hayamim Resort
"Yofi Shel Arucha" ("What a Wonderful Meal") restaurant in Kibbutz Ami'ad is located in the heart of the Galilee, close to Rosh pina and Tzfat. The restaurant offers visitors to the area breakfast, lunch and dinner in a varied and rich menu with special prices. There is seating for up to 200 and the restaurant is air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. The meals in the restaurant are self-service\buffet style. The restaurant is under the supervision of the Rabbanut and Badatz Nachalat Yitzchak.
The Gan Eden restaurant in Tzfat is perched on top of Mount Canaan, above Tzfat and has the feel of a small, boutique restaurant, although it actually seats up to 60 outside and 40 inside. In the summer one can enjoy a stunning view of Mount Meron from the shaded garden deck and in the winter a wood-burning stove will keep you cozy. The restaurant aims for quality and definitely succeeds in delivering, with the lovely, tasteful décor and absolutely gorgeous food. The Italian-based menu is entirely home-made from the freshly baked bread to the stunning desserts. There is also a small select wine list. There is a private room that can host up to ten people for a small, private party or the whole restaurant can be booked in advance for a function or large group. There are also special group menus available. Kosher: Yes, Rabbanut Safed How to get there: Take the Hagedud HaShelishi road up towards the Canaan Spa Hotel and the restaurant is on your right, next door to the Villa Galilee
The Mitbalim restaurant is Kosher Meat Restaurant located in Rosh pina in the Upper Galilee. Diners are offered a perfect culinary experience with unique dishes that are exquisitely presented and aesthetic décor that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant was set up by two professional chefs who both have many years of experience in the culinary field and they offer a richly varied, original menu with meat and vegetarian kosher dishes.
The Amburger restaurant, located in the shopping centre at the entrance to Rosh pina is wildly popular not only with tourists but also with locals. The hamburger served here is professionally-made and one can't help but notice; the burger practically melts in the mouth, is juicy, and is surrounded by excellent sauces and freshly-cut vegetables. Crunchy, non-oily French fries can be enjoyed next to the burger. A hot goulash dish is served on cold, winter days. Amburger boasts a diverse menu including dishes such as Veal Fillet Carpaccio, Fried Calamari, fresh salads and excellent pasta dishes. There are also various noodle dishes that incorporate Asian flavors. The Sea food dishes are also excellent and all steaks are made of the finest meat. Amburger has a warm atmosphere thanks to the wooden furniture, open spaces, long brown bar and hanging lamps. There are also dishes available that will please the little people among you. The desserts are also not to be missed. Address: Center HaGalil Mall, Rosh Pina
Tiv Beiti is a catering company that has been around since 1992 and is based in Kibbutz Tirat Zvi. The company provides kosher catering for groups, including kibbutzim, preschools and private customers. They specialize in creating and producing business and private events. They have vast experience, skilled staff and pay attention to details, factors that enable them to make every occasion professional, delicious and not-to-be-forgotten.
Cafederatzia is a lovely restaurant-Cafe, in the heart of the pastoral settlement Kfar Tavor. The place is designed in a modern style and combines a Galilean atmosphere with a European scent. The menu is based on the local produce- cheeses, olive oil, wine and more.

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