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Golan Heights Attractions

The beautiful Golan heights is full of attractions for the whole family. It is the perfect place s to get back in touch with nature with activities such as fruit-picking the luscious fruits of the land of Israel, horse-riding in the stunning countryside and skiing on the impressive Mount Hermon. There are plenty of historical sites to visit too; fortresses, mountains and dormant, volcanoes. There are cafes to visit and the internationally famous Golan Heights Winery awaits those wishing to taste the wine produced in this wonderful area. Whether you're looking for a relaxing holiday in a spa, for a challenging trip with exhilarating hikes, for a treasure of historical sites or for family days out, the Golan Heights has what to offer you.

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The Beresheet Fruit Journey Visitor's Center aims to teach visitors about the journey the apples that the Beresheet Company produces go through before they reach the consumers. Located at the Perot HaGolan packing house, close to the Golan heights Orchards, the visitors are led on a guided tour of the Visitor's Center seeing how the fruit makes its way from the orchards to cool storage, to sorting and packing lines, via quality control and on to the shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores.
At the end of the hour-long tour which take place all year round, visitors can visit the gift shop where one can buy the fresh fruit, wine, local souvenirs and other products produced in the Golan and Galilee. There are also cherry tours in the months of May, June and July. Individuals, families and groups are all welcome at the visitor's center and it is recommended to call in advance in order to check what fruit varieties will be viewed on your visit. There is also a Kosher restaurant on site. Be sure to co-ordinate your visit in advance.

Hamat Gader, in the Southern Golan, is a popular recreational site in Israel, offering a wide variety of attractions for people of all ages.
The thermo-mineral springs are both warm and mineral-rich and are highly enjoyable for visitors to bathe in as well as being excellent for the skin and soothing for the body.
As well as the springs, the second-largest bath complex in the entire Roman Empire was built here and visitors can still view the remains of the magnificent structures that once stood here.
Hamat Gader is also home to the largest crocodile farm in the Middle East, with 120 alligators brought over from Florida, as well as crocodiles from Africa and caimans from South America. The predators can be safely observed by visitors from a bridge.
There are two restaurants on site- one Thai restaurant overlooking the central bath complex and one country-style restaurant.
How to get there: From Tel aviv: Route 2 to the Caesarea Interchange, onto Route 65 to Sarel Interchange. Then take Route 675 East to Navot Interchange and Route 71 East to the She'an Interchange. Take Route 90 North to Zemach Interchange onto Route 98 East to Hamat Gader.

The Mount Hermon Ski Resort is open all year round, covering an area of 5,000 acres and located at 1600 to 2040 meters above sea level. The resort is the only winter ski and snowboard resort in Israel and it is located in the Golan heights in the far north of Israel.
In the winter, the resort turns into a winter wonderland, with snow-covered slopes that are perfect for skiing, snowboarding and snow slides. In the summer months, the cable cars can be enjoyed, taking visitors up the splendid mountains to enjoy the incredible views. The summer time is the perfect time to enjoy the flora and fauna in the region. There are a large number of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in the spring, summer and autumn such as mountain biking and hiking.

The Nimrod Fortress National Park is a stunning site located on the slopes of Mount Hermon above the Banias Spring. Marvelous vistas can be enjoyed from every corner of the fortress.
The fortress was built in 1228 by the governor of Banias to block the passage of the army of Freidrich II who was threatening to march from Acre to Damascus. The fortress was added on to by the Mamluk Sultan Beibars, making it very large and impressive. Whilst touring the fortress one can see a monumental gate which has an inscription mentioning the construction done on the fortress in 1275. A stone bearing the image of a panther, which was Beibar's heraldic symbol, was discovered in 1998.
The length of the tour is about two hours, can be enjoyed year-round and the sunset from the Nimrod Fortress along with the secret passageway should not be missed.

Near the city of Katzrin is the Talmudic Village of Katzrin; a reconstructed village that has been brought to life in the actual location of a village from Talmudic times, discovered shortly after the Six Day War. The settlement was one of twenty-seven villages in the center of the Golan.
In the village one can see an authentic ancient olive oil press and wander through the museum and the reconstructed kitchen, pantry, living room, bedroom and courtyard which are all complete with objects of daily life, many of which are authentic and were used by the region's farmers up until recently. These utensils often appear in Talmudic passages, bringing the scriptures to life for visitors and suddenly making them so very tangible. In addition, the remains of a Talmudic-era Synagogue can be explored and modern day celebrations such as Bar Mitzvahs and weddings are even held there today. For the younger population, there is an audio-visual show that explores the ancient sages of the period and by special arrangement bread-baking, pottery and olive-pressing can be arranged to provide the complete, authentic, ancient experience. Actors and actresses perform for the visitors and explain the kind of life that Jews in the area led in ancient times.

The Golan Magic Visitor Center can be found about two kilometers east of the city Katzrin and is totally dedicated to the Golan heights- the north-eastern region of Israel. The aim of the complex is to enrich the visitor's knowledge of the Golan region and it attempts to do so through impressive multimedia displays, with a film about tourism in the area shown on a 180-degree screen and is a multi-sensory experience, a model of the Golan Heights that is accompanied by an audio-visual display that presents the history, geography and geology of the region using numerous special effects. In the same complex the Golan Brewery is located, which makes use of the spring waters in the area in production processes. Also on site is a meat restaurant, dairy restaurant and a gift shop.

In the land of Israel, where winemaking is as old as the Bible itself, the real turning point in Israeli winemaking was undoubtedly in 1983, when the Golan heights Winery was founded. Today, the winery exports it's wines to twenty-five countries.
 There is a one-hour tour for visitors at the winery that is definitely worth taking when visiting the Golan Heights. The professionalism and attention to detail make the tour a delight. One must reserve a tour in advance, if possible a few days prior to your visit. The tour includes an introductory movie, a visit to the oak barrel cellar, viewing of the bottle line and wine tasting. Non-Hebrew speakers should mention that they want an English (or other language) tour when reserving a place.
Where: The Golan Heights Winery is located two kilometers from the center of Katzrin, in the Katzrin Industrial Area.

At the Golan Orchard (in Hebrew Bustan HaGolan) in the Ein Zivan Kibbutz, one can pick, depending on the season, cherries, raspberries, pears, blackberries, gooseberries, nectarines, apples or peaches between the months of June and October.
There is no need to bring a container to gather the fruit, you'' receive one on site- usually a basket that you can take home for a small fee. An hour to an hour-and-a-half is the perfect amount of time for a fruit-picking expedition, giving you enough time to tour the orchard, pick fruit, eat your fill and enjoy yourself. It is also advisable to pick fruit in the morning hours as firstly the fruit is fresher in the morning hours and secondly it is cooler and makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Kibbutz Elrom offers an experience described as something out of the movie- the Kibbutz is home to a movie studio and visitors can watch a film that explains how subtitles for television programs and films are prepared. In addition, there is a film that depicts the battle between Israel and Syria in the Valley of Tears during the Yom Kippur War.
The Challenge Center in the Golan is a high-quality, large center that is suitable for camping out and team-building exercises. The Center is a part of the Field School of Keshet Yonatan, in the community of Keshet and was built in order to provide unique attractions in the Golan. The Center extends over a large area allowing the hosting and activation of several different groups simultaneously. On site here are large, spacious tents and mattresses for camping out and equipment for group activities and among the services offered are unique team-building activities for groups, schools, etc; fun days out for workers committees; varied meals; advice regarding trips.
In the olive grove on Moshav Eliad in the southern Golan heights is a magnificent tent for hosting, known as Sipurei Badim. There are excellent toilet and shower facilities nearby. Visitors can enjoy hot drinks 24/7 and the tent is equipped with a microwave, gas rings, fridges, barbecue equipment and a hot plate. Visitors can recline on the mattresses and pillows that make up the cozy atmosphere of the tent. The tent is also used for cultural events, story-telling evenings, private events, team-building evenings, etc. It is possible to request meals, artists and lecturers who, for an additional payment, will add to the special experience. It is also possible to host in the tent in the winter months. How to get there: From Tzemach travel in the direction of Ein Gev on Road 92, about 5 kilometers after Ein Gev turn right at Kursi Junction on Road 789 and travel all the way until the T junction, turn left onto Road 92 and after five kilometers turn left in to Moshav Eliad. Once inside the Moshav follow the signs.
The Eretz Gshur Visitor's Center, located in Kibbutz Gshur in the southern Golan heights and a mere fifteen minutes from the Kinneret, invites visitors to learn about the process undertaken in the production of olive oil, one of the seven species that the land of Israel is blessed with. From the mere seedling to the high premium olive oil, visitors gain an understanding of the olive oil, including a visit to the olive mill where one can see the entire process. The high season for olive oil production is in November-December and at the end of the tour visitors can taste different olive oils and learn about the unique flavors and aromas of each variety of olives. The visitor's center is located in a stunning olive orchard which has a number of picnic tables and benches, excellent for a pastoral picnic while enjoying the magnificent views of Mount Hermon, the lower and upper Galilee and the Kinneret.
The Spa Village Hotel, located in Hamat Gader, is an exclusive, romantic, magical place. Thermo-mineral pools are in the center of the spa with waters coming from the Fragrant Spring, whose dominant elements are sulfur and natural minerals whose healing properties have been known for a few millennium. In addition to the pools there is a waterfall that massages with jets of water, loungers, a dry sauna and pampering treatment rooms housed in wooden chalets. Surrounded by tropical vegetation, the Spa Village has some spectacular scenic views. As the day draws to a close torches are lit around the pools, turning bathing into a truly romantic experience. Among the treatments offered at the Spa Village are Shiatsu, reflexology, hot stones, massage, water therapy, four-hand Swedish massage, Ayurveda and crystal therapy. In addition, visitors are provided with a toweling robe, disposable slippers, a free soft drink and a personal locker. There are also restaurants on site where visitors can enjoy a satisfying meal.

Had-Nes in the Golan heights offers horse riding for all the family with magical views of the Kinneret and the Jordan River. Among the options at the place there is the option of romantic horse rides at sunset for couples including a meal in nature with the possibility of integrating a professional massage treatment in nature, during the horse riding trip. The horse riding experience is also perfect for a fun-filled family day-out.
In the Indian Village in Avnei Eitan visitors can find the quiet and serenity they have been looking for, can detach from the daily rat-race and connect to nature while discovering the magical views of the Golan. Close to Mother Nature, breathing in the clear air, one can enjoy the unique experience of sleeping in an authentic Indian Village that was built according to ancient Indian tradition. The tents are built from natural materials in a special way that allows for maximal ventilation. The tents are large and spacious and include lighting, mattresses as well as the possibility of receiving linens too. Next to each tent are tables, chairs and barbecue grills. Each tent can hold up to ten people and there is a toilet-shower unit for every two tents. Additional services include; Air-conditioned family huts that include a room for parents and a room for children, kitchenette, eating corner, toilet, shower, bath and television. Camping area that include public toilets and showers, mattresses, tables, chairs, hot and cold drinking water. Breakfast and Supper- varied, rich, Kosher meals for groups, available with advanced booking. Large grassy areas which include places to sit and relax. The place is suitable for families, groups and schools.

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