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Golan Heights Attractions

The beautiful Golan heights is full of attractions for the whole family. It is the perfect place s to get back in touch with nature with activities such as fruit-picking the luscious fruits of the land of Israel, horse-riding in the stunning countryside and skiing on the impressive Mount Hermon. There are plenty of historical sites to visit too; fortresses, mountains and dormant, volcanoes. There are cafes to visit and the internationally famous Golan Heights Winery awaits those wishing to taste the wine produced in this wonderful area. Whether you're looking for a relaxing holiday in a spa, for a challenging trip with exhilarating hikes, for a treasure of historical sites or for family days out, the Golan Heights has what to offer you.

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Anyone visiting the capital of the Golan, Katzrin, is welcome to pop in to the Country Club of Katzrin which offers single admissions and includes beautiful indoor and outdoor pools, a Jacuzzi, sauna, weight room, tennis courts and gym.
The Merom Golan Cattleman Ranch takes visitors on a horseback journey through the stunning wild landscapes of the northern Golan. Among the activities on offer at the Merom Golan Cattleman Ranch are; fun treks that last just over an hour and are intended for single persons, couples or groups that meander around Mount Ben Tal and through the Merom Golan orchards, romantic rides for couples at sunset on the basalt landscapes of the northern Golan, riding school for visitors between the ages of six and eighty, excursions for younger children, led by adults through the Ranch area, services for horse owners, such as horse riding trips, overnight stables, veterinary services, etc.
Kesem HaTeva- The Magic of Nature- in the Golan heights community of Nov, offers an amazing experience in the beautiful Golan Heights. With special guest rooms, caravans and jeep trips on offer, visitors get to feel nature up close. Sunrise and sunset trips, nighttime safari, cowboy style outdoor cooking are just some of the attractions on offer in Kesem HaTeva. Ideal for celebrations of all kinds; Bar\Bat Mitzvahs, bachelor's parties, romantic get-aways, groups and families, Kesem HaTeva offers unforgettable experiences. Kesem HaTeva is essentially a portable guestroom that is attached to a jeep, towed into the middle of nature in a magical corner of the Golan and all that is left for visitors to do is to enjoy the glorious views and incredible quiet. The guestroom is equipped with air-conditioning, a hot shower, refrigerator, indoor and outdoor lighting, double hammock, chairs, table and barbecue facilities. High quality fresh meat and a bottle of the finest Golan wine are provided, making the experience truly perfect. A telescope also enables the visitors to view the star-filled skies. Visitors can bring their own food or order prepared food in advance. Breakfast is delivered to the door in the morning before the visitors are towed back to civilization.
In the northern Golan heights, at just over one-thousand meters above sea level, one can find Mount Bental, one of a series of hills and mountains in the region that are remnants of long extinct volcanoes which caused the grey basalt stone that the area is known for. The mountain is situated next to Merom Golan which was the first Kibbutz established in the Golan, mere weeks after the Six Day War and now hosts a disused army out-post where visitors can walk along trenches and descend into underground living quarters, getting a first-hand experience of life in the front lines. Visitors to Mount Bental can enjoy some incredible views; Mount Avital to the south from where the army keeps track of Syrian military activity, Syria a mere four kilometers to the east with a view of the ruined town of Kuneitra that was captured during the Six Day War, returned to Syria in 1974 but never rebuilt and perhaps the most poignant view of all is the Valley of Tears, to the north of Kuneitra. It was here that one of the fiercest tank battles of the Yom Kippur War took place, when the hugely outnumbered Israeli troops miraculously blocked the advances of the attacking Syrian forces. On the summit of the mountain one can enjoy coffee, snacks and toilet facilities in Coffee Anan- the highest café in Israel. How to get there: From the Mahanaim Junction (near Rosh pina) on the main Tiberias-Kiryat Shmona road, take the eastbound Route 91. After Kibbutz Ein Zivan make a left onto Route 98, passing the Kuneitra lookout until reaching the junction with Route 959. Turn left to Marom Golan and the road to Mount Bental is just past the entrance to the Kibbutz.

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