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The present Tishbi family's great-grandparents were commissioned by Baron Rothschild to plant the first modern wine grape vineyards in Israel is 1882 and thus began the Tishbi family's romance with grapes and wine. Over a century later, Jonathan Tishbi founded the Tishbi Estate in 1984, producing four series of wine, all of which are consistently of good quality and flavor. The Tishbi Estate is situated near Zichron Yaakov, at the foot of the Carmel mountain ridge, enjoying the cooling breezes of the Mediterranean Sea. Jonathan Tishbi and his family supervise the entire wine-making process until the present day- the growing, harvesting, bottling, tasting, evaluating, creating final blends, award-winning wines and brandy. At the country-style visitor's center one can enjoy brunch or lunch under the grapevines. The shop stocks local cheeses, olive oil, honey, wine jellies and of course wine. It is worthwhile calling ahead of time to reserve the one-hour tour which includes tastings.


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