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Haifa Restaurants

Haifa may not have the largest variety of restaurants in Israel but there is certainly a choice of places, styles and flavors. Whether you are looking for the ultimate milky dinner in Yotvata Ba'Ir, a popular meat restaurant such as Maxim, dinner on the beach in Sand Beach restaurant, or even the oldest Romanian restaurant in Israel, Yonak, Haifa is waiting for you to come and explore her culinary establishments.

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The Yonak restaurant in Haifa is the oldest Romanian restaurant in Israel. The restaurant offers fabulous meats, steaks, kebabs, sausages and hamburgers. The motto of the place is "excellent meat as reasonable prices" and they do their utmost to preserve the unique atmosphere that characterized the restaurant in its early days.
Café Nitza is an excellent café that opened in 1947 and has remained the same ever since. Until recently 81-year-old Bundi, who in the past was a sailor, ran the place. When the place was in its peak, it attracted hedonists, sailors and anyone looking for a good time until the early hours of the morning. Nowadays the place has a much tamer feel to it but is still a popular choice for those looking for a place to sit, chat and drink a coffee.
HaNamal 24 is the Chef Ran Rosh's restaurant, who graduated from Paul Bocuse' school of cookery in Lyon. HaNamal 24 offers a menu that is influenced by French cooking methods and includes touches of Italian and Middle-Eastern cuisine. Gourmet food, rustic Italian design and an atmosphere of abundance, come together to create the perfect dining experience. Each room of the restaurant creates a different experience for diners and is suitable for any kind of event at any time of day. Kosher: No
Yotvata Ba'Ir is a chain of restaurants that was established in 1987. The idea of the chain was to bring food from Kibbutz Yotvata in the south of the country to the cities around Israel. The chain offers a large variety of dairy foods that are based on the milk and produce that come from the Kibbutz. Natural fruit shakes, smells of fresh bread, rich cheeses, fresh fish and generous helpings are what Yotvata Ba'Ir is well-known for. Kosher: No Certificate
Panas Boded is a Bar and Grill restaurant, as well as serving as a bar. It's located on the Bat Galim promenade. Kosher: No
The first branch of Agadir was set up in 1997 with the idea behind it being the creation of a local burger bar. The burger bar enjoyed much popularity and since then an additional six branches have opened.

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