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Jerusalem Shopping

Jerusalem is a fantastic place to go shopping, whether you shop on the streets, in pedestrian malls, indoor malls or the market.

Those looking for the genuine Jerusalem shopping experience should take note to visit the following places;

• Nahalat HaShiva Pedestrian Mall- a pleasant place to walk and shop with art shops, Judaica shops, memorabilia shops and fantastic restaurants.

• The Old City with it's narrow alleyways is lined with shops and restaurants that despite their clean, modern exterior still give off that "Mediterranean Bazaar" feel.

• The Jerusalem (Malcha) Mall is Jerusalem's largest mall containing hundreds of shops, a large food court, a cinema and a dizzying selection of fashion!

• Mahane Yehuda Market is famous for being the largest, most colorful and most lively market in Jerusalem and the whole of Israel. One simply must not pass through Jerusalem without experiencing this loud, bustling, authentic, Middle Eastern market experience.

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The Cardo was the main street in Jerusalem 1,500 years ago, running from north to south and through the heart ("cardo" is Greek for "heart") of the city with parallel columns supporting a tile roof. Jerusalem's Cardo features on a mosaic pavement map of a sixth century church that is situated in Jordan.

Today the Cardo is one of the main attractions in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. Part of the Cardo is once again a shopping street with pieces of art and special goods on sale and an open part displays some pillars. There is a partially-restored area that shows visitors how the stalls and shops would have appeared in Roman times.

There are some interesting archaeological excavations around the Cardo from the First and Second Temple period. The Cardo leads into the Arab Shuk in the Muslim Quarter.

The Cardo is a fascinating mixture of archaeology, history and shopping and is well worth a visit.

The German Colony
The bustling German Colony is today one of the most popular and prominent neighborhoods in Jerusalem, lined with cafés, restaurants and places of interest.

The German Colony was founded by the Templars, a splinter group of German Protestants who arrived in the Holy Land in the mid-1800s, anticipating the imminent return of Jesus and when Jesus failed to re-emerge, set about establishing a thriving community in the Biblical Emek Refaim (Hebrew for "Valley of Ghosts") that was designed to imitate a typical German neighborhood. The Templars decided to support Hitler in the thirties and were consequently sent back to Germany by the British authorities who had no tolerance for Nazi supporters in the German and Arab communities.

The German Colony's Arab population fled during the 1948 War of Independence and soon after new Jewish immigrants moved in but Americanization and gentrification have been the two forces that have shaped the neighborhood into what it is today. The stunning landscaping and magnificent manors attracted the wealthier elements in the population, turning Emek Refaim into one of the foremost upscale restaurant and shopping districts in the city. The high quality of life especially attracted American and English-speaking Westerners, resulting in the upper-class Israeli and American concentration that exists today in the German Colony.

The German Colony is a lovely neighborhood to stroll through, shop in, catch a bite and even watch a film at the small art-house cinema, Smadar.


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