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Fifteen Kilometers south of Haifa, nestled in the heart of the Carmel Forest is the magical artist's village of Ein Hod. Quaint, windy streets, incredible lookout points, countless art galleries, most in the houses of residents are really what make Ein Hod so incredibly original.

A large proportion of the 500 residents of Ein Hod are artists; be they painters, potters, sculptors, writers, poets or playwrights. Many of the artists open their houses to the public (especially during the summer) to show off their creations. Workshops and educational activities are also put on by residents for visitors who want to take things a step further.

Two notable galleries can be found in the center of the village; the community gallery where many residents display their work and the Janco-Dada Museum which showcases the works of Marcel Janco who founded Ein Hod. Audible arts are also included in the village with the Gertrud Kraus House sponsoring biweekly chamber music concerts and guest lecturers as well as musical entertainment in the amphitheatre during the summer months. In addition, free outdoor jazz concerts are hosted in the village's central square every Saturday.


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