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Yehiam Fortress is located on Kibbutz Yehiam, a Kibbutz that was founded in 1946 by pioneers who first lived in the fortress ruins. The pioneers were besieged behind the huge walls of the fortress in the War of Independence and visitors to the site can see their restored defensive positions. It is unknown when the Yehiam Fortress was built but was a part of the Ma'iliyah estate which was later sold to the Crusader Teutonic knights who also purchased the nearby Montfort Fortress. The fortress was conquered and destroyed by the Mamluk Sultan Baibers in 1265. Most of the remains date back to the time of the Bedouin Sheikh Daher al-Omar who ruled the Galilee region in the 1760s. He built new walls and towers and surrounded the fortress with a moat. There are incredible views of the Western Galilee to be enjoyed from the top of the fortress. There are art festivals held here, including the Renaissance Festival in Sukkot. How to get there: Kibbutz Yehiam is located 20 minutes east of Nahariya. Turn off the Nahariya-Tzfat road (no. 89) at Ga'aton Junction and take road 8833.


address: Kibbutz Yehiam

phone: 04-987-9107\04-985-6085

Open Hours: Apr-Sep 8:00-17:00, Oct-Mar 8:00-16:00

Categories : National Parks

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