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Coast Line Restaurants

Apart from the variety of food offered in restaurants on the northern coast line, the stunning scenery that can be enjoyed while dining in many of them is simply unbeatable. There are bakeries, grill bars, Bedouin fare, fish restaurants, Hummusias and dairy restaurants to enjoy so pick whatever takes your fancy and satisfy your taste-buds as you observe scenery that it simply a sight for sore eyes…

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The Morgenfeld Steak House is located at Achziv on the seashore, just past Moshav Liman. This restaurant knows exactly how to pick a fine side of beef, preparing it just so and serving it excellently. The food is phenomenal, the view of the sea spectacular and be sure to wash down tour meat with wine from their fantastic selection. Kosher: Yes
The Aluma restaurant on the Kfar Vradim-Tarshisha road specializes in Galilean cuisine with some touches of French cuisine. Meat is aged on site and among other dishes, one can order calamari with labaneh and okra with seafood. The restaurant can sit up to fifty and changes its menu every three months.
The Kosher L'Mehadrin Steakiya BaKfar restaurant is located on Moshav Ya'ara in the Western Galilee. On offer is high-quality grilled meat and fish in a rustic, pleasant environment overlooking the stunning Galilee. A large variety of meats are available, a number of fish dishes and one vegetarian dish. There is a separate children's menu. The grilled main courses are served with fresh salads. Business lunches are available throughout the day.
The Pasta Bar restaurant in Ma'alot specializes in Italian cuisine- pizzas, a huge variety of pastas in different sauces, fresh salads and other options such as quiches, lasagna and many different kinds of ravioli. A respectable choice of alcohol is available too and of course stunning desserts; pavlova, chocolate mousse, halva and hot soufflé. Kosher: No

The Kashtunyo Wine Cellar is an old underground wine cellar owned by Amoz Meroz. The 130-year-old stone structure has been made transformed in to a romantic wine cellar and contains a mere eight tables covered with checkered cloths. Wines from all over the world line the back wall and Meroz's knowledge of wine is quite astounding. One can listen to his expert knowledge while grazing on cheeses and grape leaves.

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