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Southern Israel Attractions

Southern Israel may be mostly desert but boring it is certainly not! Visitors to southern Israel will find a plethora of attractions awaiting them. One can choose to explore the desert dunes by bike, donkey or camel by renting one's preferred form of travel for the day. There is a winery and dairy farm for those who enjoy explore new places through the food and drink. For the adventurous there is the desert archery park, for the musical the jazz club in Mitzpe Ramon and for those looking for something different there is the Alpaca Farm in Mitzpe Ramon. Whatever kind of experience you’re looking for in the south you can find it in the attractions offered down here.

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Established in 2007 by Gadi Lybrock, the Mitzpe Ramon Jazz Club hosts both local and touring musicians. The club is far from the noise of the city and provides a warm home for musicians and music lovers. The breath-taking landscape adds to the great atmosphere of the place and it is a pleasant place to hang out in, have a drink and listen to some fantastic music. The Club encourages local musicians by providing them with rehearsal space, as well as providing a place for students to attend music lessons. The Club also operates music lessons in the schools in the area. The club is run entirely by volunteers and all income is directed towards supporting music education and musicians in Mitzpe Ramon, as well as cooperative projects among Negev residents.

The unique Desert Archery Park in Mitzpe Ramon is the only place in the world where you can enjoy a game of archery while hiking through natural desert terrain. The game is similar to a game of golf, simply using a bow instead of a club and with a desert terrain instead of a putting green! An environmentally-friendly, safe activity (soft, rubber-tipped arrows), Desert Archery can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of nine (children must be supervised by an adult). All you need to bring is comfortable walking shoes, a hat and water.

In 2003 Beit HaYayin BaMidbar (House of Wine in the Desert) was established. The building is a beautiful structure, made of wood, covered in mud and plaster and with domed ceilings. The huge windows allow for a stunning view of the desert that changes with the seasons. Part of the structure serves as a small tent that is perfect for hosting small groups and families and allows them to experience an authentic desert experience with pampering conditions. Groups of visitors are offered: • A visit to the farm and tours in the vineyards • Lodging (full board) for groups or families • A place for private, intimate functions that are close to nature • Our shop that sells wines, oil, jams, etc.

Galgalutza offers high-quality off-road bicycles for rent for individuals, groups and families in the Western Negev area. The Western Negev is made up of flatlands so that even the less-experienced riders will not have a problem enjoying a ride in nature. As well as conventional bikes, there are tandems available too.
Ofanei Nitzana (Nitzana Bicycles) was set up in the settlement of Nitzana in the hope of exposing visitors to the area to the beauty of the desert through guided bicycle tours of the area. Ofanei Nitzana offers a number of different bicycle tours of varying lengths and difficulties so that visitors of all ages and bicycle riding abilities can enjoy themselves. Ofanei Nitzana also offers a variety of different activities such as night rides and tours that include games. How to get there: From Be'er Sheva travel south on Road 40 until Tlalim Junction. At Tlalim Junction turn south (left) to the direction of Mitzpe Ramon and continue straight on Road 211 to the west until you reach Nitzana.

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