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Southern Israel Restaurants

After spending all day in the heat of the desert sun one can choose from the many restaurants in southern Israel in order to fill one's stomach and replace those liquids that you're simply sweated off in the sweltering heat.  There is a lovely variety of restaurants in the south, reflective of the special mix of people living there. From Moroccan fare to French Rustic; from Asian food to grill bars, the South has what to offer any hungry traveler…just come on down and see!

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HaNissim Shel HaShef (The Chef's Miracles and a play on the Chef's name, Nissim) is a stunning, spacious hut that serves as a guesthouse, located in the community of Tzochar. The dreamy guesthouse is situated next to the rustic restaurant which is also owned by the owners of the guesthouse, Nissim and Shosh. Nissim is the Chef and Shosh sees to the hosting side of things and the creation of a romantic atmosphere. The menu is of the French Rustic style and includes homemade pastas, fresh, steamed seafood, aged meats and more. The meal in the restaurant is called "The Meal of Surprises," is offered according to personal preferences and does indeed include surprises. The meal includes first, course, main course, dessert, hot and cold drinks, a bottle of wine, salads and side dishes.

Kampai- the Japanese equivalent of the toast "cheers," is an Asian restaurant-bar in Be'er Sheva. Kampai opened in 2008 and quickly became one of the hottest restaurants in Be'er Sheva. The fantastic décor, sushi bar, Asian kitchen and rich alcohol bar come together to create a fantastic culinary experience. Kosher: No
Yakota is a beautiful Moroccan restaurant that is open for over forty years. Yakota was the name of the lady who opened the restaurant, the mother of the present owners. The restaurant is in the old city of Be'er Sheva and it offers a wide variety of Kosher, Moroccan foods. The Chef of the restaurant welcomes the guests and helps them build their own meal. His advice is valued as the menu is large and simply makes you want to taste everything. For starters there are a variety of Moroccan salads. Afterwards there are countless choices of tempting dishes, from couscous to deep fried pastries. Then we move on to the main dishes; steaks, fish, lamb dishes, oxen tail, tongue, and much, much more. There are sweet Moroccan biscuits for dessert accompanied by a flask of coffee and Moroccan tea. Kosher: Yes


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