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Tel Aviv Hummus

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Jaffa is known for it's countless Hummus places. There a good ones, excellent ones and then there's Abu Hassan (or as it also known, Ali Karavan). The usual Hummus experience is a warm welcome and black coffee and baklava at the end of the mea. Abu Hassan serves Hummus with/without fava beans, massabha and whole chickpeas. The "triplet" dish contains all three. The Hummus is served in moments and is finished in not much more time than it took for it to arrive.
Abu Hassan is a second-generation Hummus maker who uses his mother's recipe, claims there is no favorite ingredient but the tens of people who flock to his legendary place will refuse to believe that. The atmosphere is friendly, the food simple, delicious and the best Hummus you can get in Israel according to many.

Akram Hummus is located on the trendy Shenkin Street in Tel aviv. The food is delicious, the service warm and friendly and one can sit-in or take-out. Their hummus, falafel and salad are great, made by the young couple who make the food and serve it with a smile.

Humus Shlomo and Doron (Hakompleat) has been a hub of serving humus since 1937. The father is said to have started the business way back when the British still had Palestine as one of their colonies. Shlomo is the son and has got a well experienced hand at humus prep. Shlomo's Hummus is hidden under layers and alleys of the Carmel market. This is not a very easy place to find, but worth it!

Humus Ashkara on Yermiyahu St is located in the northern Tel aviv. It is nice humus which is thick in consistency and served with eggs.

Abu Adham on Karlibach st. sells humus that is prepared in the Arab style. This humus reminds one of the Galilee humus and costs cheap.

Humus Asaf on Yermiyahu st. is located in the old north of Tel aviv. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy amazing creamy Hummus.


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