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Tel Aviv Nightlife

The Tel aviv nightlife scene is famous worldwide and the wide range of entertainment venues cannot be matched anywhere in the country. In a country where citizens spend three years of their most beautiful years (18-21) defending their country in military service, it is no surprise that these youngsters are the life and spirit of many nightlife venues over the weekend. There are also countless places for those searching for a more mature ambiance without the energetic off-duty soldiers.
Thursdays through Saturdays are the big night out in Tel Aviv and it has been noted that vulgar drunkenness is actually extremely rare in this little country- it is not regarded as 'hip' to get overly drunk in Israel and the nightlife scene is therefore very vibrant, exuberant and lively but very rarely ugly.
Tel Aviv is known for it's fast turnover of nightlife venues which try to keep up with the fast pace of this city that never sleeps. Some of the best bars and pubs on offer at the moment are; Whisky a Go Go, based on the American counterpart, Saloona with it's breath-taking décor and style and Levontin 7, the music complex that offers a huge variety of alternative music in it's flamboyant multi-level premises.

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Haminzar ("The Monastery" in English) is a fantastic little pub that has been, and continues to be, one of the classic Tel Avivian pubs. Haminzar is open 24/7 and depending on the crowd you're looking for you should choose the time of your day you visit- adults of age 35+ tend to be there in the afternoons, the younger crowd of 25 pluses, start coming in the evening and the soldiers land here on Fridays.
The food portions are generous and there are food and alcohol happy-hours between 10:00 and 20:00. Chili con carne, hand-made sausages and Friday-afternoon specials are among the featured foods. The "Talibe Beer" is the famous, rarely-found beer that one can enjoy in Haminzar.

A popular bar in central Tel aviv, Bukowski is a friendly, casual bar with a lively atmosphere. The prices are decent, the place is always buzzing and the music is a blend of current hits and nostalgic eighties songs. The selection of alcohol is very wide, the bartenders make fantastic cocktails and the service is actually rather good (not to be taken for granted in our little country). The bar is small and if you wish to get a seat by the bar you really shouldn’t arrive after 23:00.
Happy Hour is Sun-Wed 19:30-21:30 and 01:00 until they close, 25% reduction on the entire menu.

Friends is the first local bar in the neighborhood- people often speak of neighborhood bars; Friends is a real, actual neighborhood bar with bartenders who've worked there for years and make it their business to get to know the clientele, wide screens for watching sports with the pleasant, mixed crowd that frequent the place and a central placed bar which eliminates the all-too-familiar sleaze-factor which is hard to escape in the Tel aviv bar scene.
Friends plays rock music and requests from the crowd, accompanied by a rich alcohol menu that makes one's stay truly enjoyable.

Eliezer is a well-known, authentic bar with high quality alcohol, friendly service and mainstream rock music. The bar is named after the street it's located on- Ben Yehuda- the creator of modern Hebrew whose first name was Eliezer, and as he was the founder of the Hebrew language, so too was this bar one of the founders of the local bar scene.
The clientele are strictly over 25 and comprised of locals as well as outsiders looking to enjoy the local atmosphere. It’s a popular haunt for students and between 20:00 and 22:00, drinks are buy one, get one free.
There is a smoking area, parking and cash and cards can be used to pay.

Madame is a dance bar with a classy feel to it that also serves as a restaurant. There is a smoking area, private room and internet access. Madame is not kosher and serves hamburgers and sea food.
Madame is located at 43 Lilenblum Street, Corner of Allenby, is open every day from 20:00 until the last customer leaves and accepts cash and card as forms of payment. It is possible to order a table in advance-03-566-0481.

Rothschild 12 is not just another bar. The front part- which in the summer days is in the open air- is a cafe and a great place to have breakfast or lunch. The rear part is a bigger space with a bar and a stage for free late night live shows.

Rothschild 12 is named by it's address, a beautiful Blvd in the heart of Tel-Aviv.

The Herlinger Bar is a neighborhood bar with a retro style. There are delicious snacks on offer, plenty of room, fantastic music, a great atmosphere, a purple pool table, live NFL, NBA, Euro League and League Championship Games on the big-screen television.

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